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Hi, i just bought an apad,i call it apad just refer to one of the ipad's similar other brands, i can not afford an ipad,anyway it doesn't damp my pursuit of high technology, this apad is 10",the screen is big enough and perfect for viewing,the big problem of it is its weight, it is pretty HEAVY,even 5 minutes holding can be i decided to make a stand to free my hands,

the materials needed:
1.a clear cut polymer wooden stick.
2.elastic band
3.long screws
4.multi-angle joining irons,i bought from local hardware stores,

when finished,the pad stands in there firmly, the bigger joining iron by the last pic leave an angle behind the apad,which is supporting the pad,but it could also be served as a hand bar for you to hold the whole thing as you may like to read it in bed.


zazenergy (author)2011-09-19

This would be great if you actually explained how you made this. Congrats on getting an "apad". Hope you enjoy it!

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