A motor with only a battery, wire, and magnets.

Step 1: What to get...

The things that are needed:

C or D cell battery(almost any store has it)
26-20 guage solid wire(from almost any hardware store)
Magnets-really strong kind(from ORVAC or any store like that)
Compass-To find north of magnets(from...)
popscott34 years ago
I really think you better put some pictures.
sry about the pictures, account got stolen, and pictures deleted...
silversands7 years ago
Dude, where are the pics???
lupinesoul7 years ago
There's a disturbing lack of pictures...
When I did this I just got the magnets from those stacking magnet toys. Soaked them in acetone for a while and they fell out. Works great.
jugglingmaniac (author) 8 years ago
oh ya... just to say that im still 13 and im not a middle age man that's a mamas boy or that i like watching movies that are under pg-13 movies.
jugglingmaniac (author) 8 years ago
Ya i was watchen that when i was makeing it. Thats why the pictures are dark becuase my mom sleeps through movies sometimes and if i add flash or put on more lights and then my mom will say go to sleep. There was nothing better that was on to.lol
jugglingmaniac (author) 8 years ago
I got those magnets in ORVAC. they have lots of magnets but only three kind of supermagnets. I got the long magnet from MAGNETEX. i used the long magnet and the minimagnet just to hold the wire in place. I recently tried to use thicker wire but the wire just stuck to the magnets. There like $5.00 for 6 big one in the picture. $5.00 for 12 minimagnets in the picture at the top. Im trying to make a H-bomb after this. Ill try to post it the fastest i can. P.S. like a month or too.
carbon8 years ago
So I'm thinking that this requires magnets that aren't coated in plastic... Darn! All I've been buying recently are plastic coated, (I got tired of them snapping together and breaking).
ferroucious8 years ago
I saw this here before
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They have some pretty weird shapes for it
ferroucious8 years ago
I tried this before, I could never get mine to work because I had a cruddy little fragment of a super magnet and just kind of gave up on it