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This is a simple lathe i made several months is not need a lot to improve to be desired.i was in need of a plastic lathing machine by that time.I didn't want to pay a lot on something i only use occasionally.after some counting and balancing i eventually brought home a lathe shelf from a hardware shop.a lathe without motor,speed contoller etc. as you can see, an aluminum rail and bolts.lathe clamp.the downside of this cheap shelf is the clamp,it is not securely fastened as the standard ones.since i only use it to do wood and plastic lathing,so the shabby clamp is trivial to me,and i never use it for metal works. it could be's innate a wood lathe.

I find lathe need to be improved,welcome to any comment of it.

The lathe costs me 45bucks.

The total cost is about 65 bucks.

Step 1:

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it is what a rectifier looks like.wiring is easy.the rectifier tame the 220V AC to the DC motor.

Step 2: Step3.speed Controller

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I coupled the lathe with another function.the speed coutrol.because motor spinning very fast,so it generates a lot of unbearable noise,therefore a speed controller is necessary.the controller is rated 2000W,it could be applied to light adjustment and temperature adjustment's Volt control rated adjustable of's enough for my purpose.

Step 3: Step 4,Wiring of Speed Controller

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For wiring of speed controller is not complicated.the left two wire terminals are 220V AC 'in'' ,right two terminals for adjusted volt''out''.i added a switch for easy of use.

Step 4: Motor

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I then find a motor to couple with it, the motor is DC48V-300V or AC220V with a rectifier spins from 800-5000 per minute.2.2KG, costs me 20bucks. the overheat protector and anti-noise come with the get it to work under 220V AC you must find a bridge rectifier to drive it.there is indication printed on rectifier for is not difficult.but you must be very careful as it involves high power AC,any mistake may cause serious injury or even death.handling high power AC you must have prior adequate knowledge about electricity,i am not responsible for any injury caused by ignorance of precaution.

Step 5: Coupller

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A 12mm coupling Shaft is needed for connecting the Motor and lathe claw.


CluckS (author)2016-07-17

Hi there wher did you manage to get the coupller from ?

gada888 (author)CluckS2016-07-18

I got from below site:

steveharr (author)2014-07-15

Where did you get the speed controller from and how much are they?

gada888 (author)steveharr2014-07-15 $1.00/each

Islam Safir (author)2014-06-08

where did you get that motor from , i mean what was the original application for that motor , what kind of machine it was taken from , and if you have a link to where you bought it from would be great , thank you.

gada888 (author)Islam Safir2014-07-15

Sorry,the motor was bought from a second-hand motor dealer,he couldn't remember where did it come from.

craftclarity (author)2014-06-03

Nicely done....!

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