For this simple forge you will need several usual items:

A hair dryer (In the final version I used 2000W hair dryer FS-09 with the cold air switch)

An iron pipe (non galvanized) I used about 1 m long and about 1.5 cm wide pipe

A piece of hose (wide enough to fit the pipe, at least approximately) I used about a 50 cm long hose. It helps you -manipulate the forge because it is flexible, but probably you could connect the hairdryer directly to the pipe.

A duck tape (Optional)

A plastic bottle (I used 0.5 and 1.5 plastic bottles)

Step 1: Cutting the Pipe

Cut the pipe as on the photos.It would probably be easier with the proper tool.

How well does your forge work because about to make one just like it
With another hair dryer that I used (the red one) it works well but the problem with hot air still remains. The button for cold air doesn't work as I thought. It would be ideal if you know how to disable the heater without destroying the ventilator, but I still didn't do that. Otherwise, it works very well, the hair dryer is strong enough to heat the iron, as I have shown in the video.<br><br>I hope this was helpful. <br>Regards.
I don't know how to disable the heating element unfortunately. Luckily my wife has a hair dryer that the heating element just quit working,so that's what I'll be using. Could you use a bigger pipe that so that the end of the hair dryer would fit in it directly. You wouldn't have to worry about anything melting.
<p>Thanks, if you know how to do that without destroying the ventilator you could make some instructable.</p>
if you are adventurous and know how you could simply disconnect the heatingelement from your cheap hairdryer...<br>you would dealing with mains-power. so only do it if you are qualified.

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