Picture of A simple snake feeding strategy
 If you don't like feeding your snake live mice or putting your hands in the cage with the mouse then you don't have to. I got the idea from a video and simplified it a lot! I hope its easy enough to make for you. This is my western hognose, Larry
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
 you will need
-the container the snake eats in
-hot glue gun
-two bolts (or just a circle with a hole in it)
-and some thin string

Step 2: Its easy

Picture of Its easy
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Video 19 0 00 00-01.jpg
The easiest way it to already string the string through the openings. Then glue the bolts to the side with the openings facing down. 

Step 3: The hard part

Picture of The hard part
 Now that your done you just have to tie the mouses tail to the string. But if its too tight the snake can't get it off, but if its too loose the it won't work. So you have to get it just right. Now you just have to pull the string on the sides back and forth to make the mouse look alive. Make sure there is a lot of extra room for you to grab the string.
tabgilbert5 years ago

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lvanl41 year ago
Why not just use feeding tongs
ajkninja (author) 5 years ago
 please comment
this makes no sense
Angry J5 years ago
 I like this method, in theory.  Have you tried it a few times?  How does it work?