Picture of A simple trick to cutting dough
I love baking, so I'm always looking for tricks that will make baking easier and less messy. Though being messy is part of the fun. My mom showed me this trick when I was making a mess of cutting cinnamon rolls. This works great for any type of dough that you need to slice before baking. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
All you need is a spool of thread. I like using quilting thread because it's stronger than regular thread. The scissors will be  addressed later. 

Step 2: Slicing

Picture of Slicing
Cut a length of thread. I use about a foot.

Lift the end of your dough (These photos are from my Heart Cinnamon Rolls) and slide the thread under the dough. 

When you have the thread where you'd like to make the cut, cross the two ends over the top of the dough and pull them in opposite direction. You now have a perfectly cut slice of dough. 

Using the thread gives you nice clean slices. I've found that using a knife makes a mess. The dough sticks to the knife unless you have it covered with oil, which then in turn gets on the dough.  

Cutting dough this way is so easy. It's great for kids if they want to lend a hand in the kitchen. 

Step 3: Kitchen scissors

Picture of Kitchen scissors
If you are making a pull apart, kitchen scissors are the best tool. You may need to rub a small amount of oil or butter on the blades, but they will make cutting up the bits of dough take a lot less time.