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Don't you hate your neighbors' cats and dogs coming to your garden, mess up your plants and poo everywhere?  That was one of my problem last year.  I tried cat repellents and noise repellent device and they didn't worked.  This was what I finally came up with.  It was simple and quick to do and it worked great.  My neighbor's cats and dogs stopped coming to my garden ever since.  I had all the materials so it did not cost me anything.  This project only took me 15 minutes.

Sticks (about 36" long)
Packing air bubbles
Packing tape


1. Hammer the stick into the soil.

2. Tape the packing air bubbles to the stick with packing tape.  Wrap it around a few times.

3. Tear the packing air bubbles to the right length. Not too short and not too long that would touch the ground.

4. Repeat for steps 1 to 3 for additional sticks.  I recommend 4' to 6' between each sticks.  That's it!

The packing air bubbles are very light.  A little bit of wind would make them flapping.  The packing air bubbles are now a moving scarecrow.   I hope it works for you.  Post a comment to let me know.


blindvetbilly (author)2016-06-20

It is also an excellent bird repellant. Birds love to peck Tomatoes and other veggies destroying them.

astral_mage (author)2013-09-21

pretty much any that semi-clear to full clear I.E. see thro will work. its some to do with thier retibas they can tell wat the thing is that flapping away in the wind. might also work with deer too. small critters like squrrils are know to rip that stuff up with ease tho.

wrincon (author)2013-04-18

i tried the pet bottles thing and didn't work, my dogs are so sttuborn that they dug the bottles from the ground.

kaway27 (author)wrincon2013-04-19

Try the air bubbles on a stick, it works for me.

rimar2000 (author)2013-02-16

You could put a PET bottle full of clean water, too. That drive away dogs, and possibily also cats.

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