A Simple Weird Communication Device


Introduction: A Simple Weird Communication Device

About: I love doing practical things about science, but, sadly, it is not quite what you usually learn at school, so for the last 8 years of my life I remained the only crazy kid who has a closet full of metal junk...

Well, this is seriously weird. It is a communication device that doesn't have any electronics in it. It can be used to speak to people standing next to in a very loud place (underground, for example). I don't a way it can stop working or break, its only minus is that I wouldn't like to appear in a public place wearing such a thing on my head.  

Step 1: The Main Part

the main thing you should get are two medical stethoscopes. This is were this device actually started off: I had a stethoscope and when I took it to school, I was surprised how well you can hear someone speak directly in its membrane, and how badly all the noise around (breaktime at school is as noisy as the underground). I got my stethoscopes from a local big chemist quite cheaply.

Step 2: Other Instruments and Details

Here is a photo of some of the things I used. I also used two washers, to rather stiff springs from an electronics kit, two rubber toroids (sorry, my technical English is really terrible), and two great aluminium things I fould at the bottom of my wokshop that proved to be really useful. ( I'll show them later).

Step 3: The Membrane Stands.

I think it is best to see the picture.

Step 4: Membrane Stands Mounted.

Well, this is how I did it. ( I used the spring so that the membrane stand can tilt forwards on different angles to accommodate different peoples' chins.) If I did this Instructable, I would rather think of my own way to build a membrane stand, than make this aluminium things if I didn't have them.

Step 5: Assemble It All Together.

I don't think it needs a lot of comments either. This was my process.

Step 6: Finished

This is me in my final product. I took the photo myself, so it is rather strange. ( I'm not always that ugly, maybe it is just the device that make me look weird???)
If you've read all this, please help me to make this Instructable more understandible for other people by telling me how are things called:), thank you. 



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    13 Discussions

    It would be good for two people on a motorcycle.

    no you look great ! if u just take off this thing hh

    This reminds me of that glass dual-helmet thing from Get Smart (the new one), at the beginning, in the meuseum.

    Hmmm, interesting idea....and since my wife uses oxygen and therefor lots of clean disposable tubing....this may be able to be expanded to longer distances (albeit, I bet that it will still be limited, somewhat).

    Ha, delightfully lo-tech! I like it. So have you brought it to school and convinced anyone to try it out?

    4 replies

    No, at least not yet (school starts on 1 September). But I certainly will. I also like lo-tech things, as all my electronics tend to stop working after 2 months spent in the outer pocket on my school bag ( and I sometimes sit on it, so I can't blame them)

    Well in that case, I suggest you reinforce the front pocket of your backpack, and line it with something soft. Hey, that would make a pretty good entry in the "Back to School" contest! Hint, hint...

    Oh! Well, you mentioned it could be used at school, to communicate in noisy environments (like school at breaktime) so I think it counts. But actually, I was thinking you could invent a way to reinforce the front pocket on your backpack, so that it's crush- and water-proof, with a padded interior to keep the contents safe.

    I don't know how to paint rubber tubing. Anyway, my first version was made with loads of copper wire, it was much steampunker :), but fell apart too often.

    Whoa. I was just thinking about something like this the other day!