A Stronger Mini-u Bike Holder





Introduction: A Stronger Mini-u Bike Holder

Here is my first instructables.

I recently purchased a mini-u bike lock, very handy, compact, but supplied with a poor holder.
I decided to replace this bike holder. Here is the result.

Step 1: The Original One

The original u-bike holder does not fit into my frame and it is impossible to tighten it around  the seat post.

Step 2: Looking for Replacement

I found an evacuation pipe. The mini-U fits into it perfectly. I cutted the exact length of the orange part of the mini-U.

Step 3: Let's Transform the Pipe

I've made 3 consecutives adjustements, in order to install the pipe under the saddle, with cable tie.

The first one, I cutted the half extremity of the pipe.
Then ,  I drilled a hole.
And then, at the opposite of the hole,  I've made a little notch. The cable tie will fit into this notch. The pipe won't slip off the cable tie.

Step 4: The Amazing Cable Ties

God bless the inventor of cable ties. What wonderfull things I can do with it !
I used two huge cable ties, a specific tool is needed to tighten cable ties (by hand it' impossible !)

Step 5: Installing the Mini-U Lock

First, I put the straight part into the pipe.
Then I install the U part.

Thanks to the specific saddle shape, I'm able to lock the mini-U with its key ( Not so many room).

Step 6: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my little bidouille (it means hack in french !)
Sorry for my english, I try every day to speak better and better (it's so difficult).

I think it's possible to use a longer pipe, when the saddle has got a different shape.

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    Great idea. The big name U Lock manufacturers all get it wrong with their mountings but yours is ideal. Get the drilled hole right size and avoid any movement. In my case i had to add a bit of sheet rubber inside the plastic pipe as I couldn't get the exact size for my lock.

    Thanks Martee!!!

    thanks for the idea

    Great idea + smooth looking!

    Very innovative idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Clean, simple-great job!

    very nice, instead of plastic wraps, you can use metal clamps, like the ones used in car radiator hoses, the ones with the screw used to tighten (worm).

    Gotta agree, that's nice and clean. Awesome hack!

    I simply love the simplicity of such builds.
    Smart and elegant! Thanks for sharing!

    J`aime bien l`idée! (Meme si je traduirais pas Hack pare bidouille)

    Luckily, the Ulock holder I have fit my bike perfectly :)

    This is so rad! I love you for this "bidouille" :)

    That's a great idea! I've been carrying mine in my bag, since the holder the u-lock came with gets in my way, but I'll have to see if this will fit my bike.

    very nice


    Very nice--a really clean installation.