A Toliet Seat With Suspension


Introduction: A Toliet Seat With Suspension

I made this for a buddy of mine for Xmas.. He's a big hunter and was tired of finding a spot in the woods or along the trail when heading to and from deer camp. Im sorry I dont have pictures for anything except the finished product.. its simple and it makes for a great conversation piece, while still flexing it purpose and functionality muscles as well

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
2" OD box (hollow square stock) -this is what slides into the Reese hitch reciever
(2x) 12" long, 1"channel or box stock
1 steel plate 1/4" thick 5" x 14"
1 toliet seat

Step 2: Welding and Final Assembly

Take the parts, and weld them together, I used 6013 Rods... they do a pretty good job for universal applications.
The channels that support the toliet seat may need to be adjust prior to welding since all toliet seats arent created equal.

once the frame is welded up, you will need to drill mounting holes in the plate, in this instance, I had to cut the top "lid" of the toliet off because It just wasnt feasible to leave it on.

Well thats pretty much it... now you have a toliet with suspension.. so you can really get into it (bouncing and stuff) its a strange sensation...



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    11 years ago

    Add a big ziplock or kitchen catcher bag under the seat and you got yourself a winner! Maybe a quick and easy privacy screen too... I'm sure a lot of hunters would by far prefer a nice comfy seat to squatting in the bushes.

    1 reply

    Just mount the seat on a 5 gallon bucket and forego the hitch and welding? But that would be an entirely different instructable. I like the hitch mount though as a bucket could tip over making a simple task awkward. And the added excitement of your hunting buddy borrowing your truck while you are on the john would add a certain edge to the operation.

    I've seen a commercial version of this same item. It's a great idea for the outdoorsman who needs a comfortable seat to take care of his needs.

    Not really, you give them a very bemused look and snottily say excuse me but I'm in the john They get confused mostly, acting like random parts of nature are yours is always nice though, till you're on private land and it starts a feud...

    Damn stupid formatting:

    excuse me but I'm in the john They get confused mostly, acting like random parts of nature are yours is always nice though, till you're on private land and it starts a feud...

    This is fantastic fun, have you blanked out the licence plate to save your pick up's blushes:-) I am looking at the hinges, I am sure you have thoroughly tested it but is robust enough for a grown man or passing Jezza Bear in the woods to ...um..sit on...you heard me right the first time..I said sit:-)

    3 replies

    the hinges on toilet seats don't carry weigh. Not the ones in your home nor the one here.

    Naw, he did it so psychos don't hunt him down and poo behind his truck. The hinges aren't supporting it. it's sitting on square stock.

    Frankly I think it much easier to drop trousers, squat and let it loose.

    There's actually a product sold online, that looks exactly like this:

    Bumper Dumper

    But still, good stuff....

    Have you tried this on the move?! Personally I wouldn't want to 'discharge' next to my car, and I wouldn't want anyone else to do so either. There is a technique known as 'squatting' which doesn't require any welding, or anything else...

    1 reply

    no we havent tried it on the move... but I thought it was a bit of novelty mixed with purpose and function. It was incredibly funny to see my buddy's face when he opened it for Xmas. True, squatting would work... but why give your quads the workout, when welding so much more fun...

    Exactly what your friend needed to shit in the road instead of someware sanitary for the rest of us.. thanx alot man. now I know whre those "rude turds" come from.

    The hard part is finding someone to drive while you make a poo.


    11 years ago

    I actually laughed out loud. It is a good idea, but it just seems funny to use a toilet like that.

    yeah... it sits on a frame... and it works quite well... jezza bear, the only concern about structural integrity is the health of the springs on the "docking vehicle" I have been informed that this is not a new idea, apparently there is a product out there called "bumper dumper" same idea, but it has extra options like a garbage bag receptacle and/or a 5 gallon bucket if you so choose... so much for the original idea I thought I had