This is a unique tool that you can not purchase and most builders and remodelers would appreciate and benefit from it.

It simply and safely and quickly helps to determine roof angles and areas for designing, or estimating or figuring the volume of a roof area on a house without actually having to get ON the roof.

Step 1: Print It Out

Download and print out this PDF.  Having it laser printed on NO TEAR at a copy center is by for the most durable option. If you use an ink jet printout, it will smear in time.. so protect  it with a lamination of clear adhesive tape or maybe have it laminated at a copy center.

I have use various thickness papers and double some up with double sided tape and then laminated it with scotch (type) tape.

Success is about the stiffness of the backing material and the hinges or pivot points. Grommets worked very well for me on thinner stock, but I could not find grommets that worked with thicker poster board.
I love this Idea;<br>I'm going to make one for myself except that I'm going to use paint stir sticks and I might do a toner transfer from my laser printer with an iron, (I'll probably make several) but I love the idea. <br>These would make some great stocking stuffers for some of the people that I know.<br>Keep up the good work and have a <br>Merry CHRISTmas<br>Dan
Do you need a mirror image of the PDF??<br><br>I'll post one if you need it.<br><br>D.
Thank you Dan for the positive. You are just perfect for my intention in making this! I am intrigued by your idea to use the paint stir sticks and a transfer from a laser printer. <br> Please let me know how it works for you.<br><br> I tried to find some vinyl from recycled shutters / blinds as they are very easy to come up with. I found a lot of wood blinds but no vinyl. I also considered medical style wood tongue depressors like parts from a dollar store but they were not long enough. <br><br><br>I am really fascinated with the laser transfer idea and intend to try it also but it will have to be another trip to the copy center as I only have an inkjet. <br><br><br>If I can assist you with a smaller format printout, let me know and I'll get to it ASAP.<br><br><br>D.
I love it!<br><br>Beautifully simple, and including the conversion table and other information is a really nice touch.<br><br>Well done.
Thanks a lot, really really appreciate the positive comment<br><br>D.
Very clever! Is it your design?
Yep ! thanks
This would be an excellent &quot;business card&quot; of sorts. Just print your contact info on one of the slats and give them out to clients.<br><br>Great idea.
Thanks, like your name!

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