Introduction: A Trapezoidal Lamp (Christmas' Gift for Parents)

Picture of A Trapezoidal Lamp (Christmas' Gift for Parents)

I used this one as an inspiration to make my DIY version.

My version looks almost the same, but I did that for around... ok, I am not going to write how much did it cost, it is a present!!!

Step 1: The Materials

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All you need is:

1. Very strong wood glue
2. A lightbulb holder
3. An electric wire with on/off switch
4. Wood paint (your favourite color)
5. Copal paint 
6. Wood
7. Brushes
8. Wood screws

Step 2: Cut the Wood and Sand It!

Picture of Cut the Wood and Sand It!

The very first thing to do is to cut the wood and sand it.

Step 3: Make the Holes

Picture of Make the Holes

I cut two holes.
They serve to let the electric wire pass. 

Step 4: Paint the Wood

Picture of Paint the Wood

Now you can paint the wood the way you prefer.
The important thing here is to use some refinishing paint on the coloured paint.

Step 5: Assembly!

Picture of Assembly!

The final step is to assembly the pieces.
You should use both screws and glue to fix the wood pieces.


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