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Introduction: Festive Batching

Hiho, to all computer nerds out there wanting to celebrate with friends with your own batch cards. You can just write down that you made it or whatever you want. The pictures for each one will be uploaded 1 week or so after the initial launch of the program.

V1. Started as the Father's Day program but didn't work out so good because it was late
V1.1 Updated to be a library of festivity, added Christmas Batch.
V2 U[dated so that it doesn't stuff up, i changed the document
V.3 Added files so it works!!!! And also a BATCH SURVIVAL TEST!

READ THIS: The thing you copy will look strange but it was inserted as HTML, paste it into your txt file exactly and make your font WST_ENGL if not then nvm just save it as a batch file and run it and you will see. If it makes a big mess then tell me

Step 1: Father's Day

Just put it on your dad's PC, and make him open it, somehow, pursuade him, or whatever.

Step 2: Christmas

Has some song lyrics which are easy to sing in a group without music, + a festive flashy tree.

Christmas Card



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    It says "HAPPY FATHRS DAY" ¬¬

    how do you pass the final survival test

    I downloaded it and it was " this is a test of survival dadadadada" and im not stupid, if this happens to you again hit the windows key +r (opens run) and type shutdown -a

    ( the -a means abort)

    You could surprise people by adding a function in there so the batch file displays appropriate greetings for certain holidays. Since you're a batch-kind-of-guy, try making functions so that it prints the correct message on a certain date, or if that's too mind-numbing (and I know batch scripting can be at times) incorporate VB scrips into your batch programs. Actually, VB would probably make it easier, as creating functions in VB are very simple and the output can be printed to a CMD window (as long as the batch file is compiling it).

    You mean like the Y/N things sometimes? Well, Maybe I can make it so that people can select which holiday, but I need a list and what people celebrate. Or i can make it open another batch file to ypu know. Did you download them? They're safe txt files

    Not quite Y/N type functions, I mean having the batch file check the current date against a list of dates, and using 'goto' to jump to the appropriate message to print. Like so:
    set X=date1
    set Y=date2
    if "current_date"=="X" goto holiday1
    if "current_date"=="Y" goto holiday2

    something like that.
    There are built-in functions in batch for checking the date and time, getting the formating right takes some trial and error. And I'm familiar with batch so I'm not worried about malicious .bat files.

    I'm not too good at batch, but I am willing to give this a try. CAre to work together on it? So you mean like a batch file which automatically detects the date and jumps to the holiday,

    That's a lot of effort... But good on you for trying =D

    ehh, i found out it doesnt work so im adding a file , but how do i do that?