Picture of A very cost effective ROBOT using microcontroller 89c51.
Hey guys this is my first intractable, so please go easy on me..
What I have built in this intractable is a Robot. I call it a spy Robot (cos if built small and if a camera is added it will act as a spy). Any ways, due to time constrain and lack of sufficient funds, I could only build a basic (a huge one and not the micro robot, which I initially planned) model of the robot. I have programmed (Assembly language) the robot  for additional motor control for camera and other switches though.
The basic movement that would happen is the forward backward and the left and right movement. We could also add a camera to it, if required. For some people this would be like a 'Neanderthal Robot'. Any ways I know the pain that went into this. This is also my collage project, thanks to my project partners, Sandesh Davli, Sanjiv Vishvakarma and Jugal Makwana.    

Step 1: Components list

Picture of Components list
9v battery 1
Bridge wo4 1
Capacitor 1000μf/25v 1
Capacitor 10μf/25v 2
Regulator 7805 1
Key encoder 1
Encoder HT12E 1
RF transmitter 1
IC base 18pin 2
Micro switch 16
Ribbon cable 1Meter
PCB 10cm x 15cm 1


Transformer 12v 1Amp 1
Bridge w04 1
Capacitor 1000μf/25v 1
Capacitor 10μf/25v 3
Regulator 7805 1
Relay 12v 8
Decoder HT12D 1
RF transmitter 1
LED 10
89c51 1
SIL resistor 3
Relay Driver IC 2804 1
Crystal 11.0592MHz 1
Micro switch 1
Ribbon calble 2Meter
PCB 15cm x 15cm 1
Motor 12v 30rpm 4
Car base 1
Wheel 4
Camera 1


Soldering Gun 1
Soldering metal 1
swaty3691 year ago

hey !!! nice work above......i was trying to make the same project and your circuitry is quite helpful but i m unable to understand where did you connect the motor ....... i'll be very thnkful if you respond soon

imsajid1 year ago

Sir, please give me more details. How to connect and program the IC. Please mail me more details regarding this project. I will be thankful to you for your help. I want to make this robot. I will wait. Please mail me: Irfansajid93@yahoo.com

u have done very very very great job dude!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like it!!!!!!!!
keep it up dude......!!!!!!!!!
Nice piece of work. Its apity you can't format the code better here.