My friend who is a great fan of stitch asked me to make her a stitch suit for the long cold winter nights.

This one is really easy to do.
what you will need :
- dark blue and light blue fleece
- a little piece of pink fabric for the inner ears
- black and white felt to make the eyes and the nose
- 6 buttons
- thread
- newspaper
- pants and t-shirt to make the pattern

Step 1: Mesurement and Body Pattern

you will only need 2 mesures : from shoulder to waist and from waist to foot

Put your folded pants and shirt on newspaper and draw the shape all around. Check the mesurements as shown on the pictures to e sure the suit will fit.
<p>So i really want to make this in-time for naka-con. Except why stop at Stitch? Why not make Angel too? </p><p>I plan on me going as Angel and my boyfriend going as Stitch ^^ thanks a lot for this.</p>
<p>also, would you happen to have a recomenation on how much fabric i should buy?</p>
<p>Made one this weekend.. except it was a personal character of mine :D</p><p>Thanks for the help!</p>
<p>Great! Love the tail and feet! i'm glad this instructable have been useful!</p><p>thanks for sharing</p>
Haha! That is adorable!
You should enter this into the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/holidaygifts2012">Holiday Gifts Contest</a>!
I was going to say you dropped the ball after making such an awesome set of PJs and not making them footie PJs .. but you made the proverbial 11th hour save with the last picture showing the matching slippers. <br> <br>

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