Step 5: Testing and programming

Picture of Testing and programming

Now that you have the micro programmed, plug it into the board, and apply power.

The yellow led at the bottom of the board should flash a couple of times.  If it does - YAY IT WORKS - if it doesn't, check for solder shorts and misplaced components.

Connect an ethernet cable between the board and your computer.

Make sure that the IP of your computer is (for the default range in the code), open a web browser to, and you should see the screen below!

If you can see it - you are there.  Set the clock, and define when you want the watering to happen, and create your program.

There you have it - you are there!!!!

If you decide that your home network is on address 10.0.0.x then you can simply modify the line in the PDE file to put the controller on the 10.0.0.x network and re-program the chip.

ie change these lines from this:

static uint8_t myip[4] = {192,168,1,2};      
static char baseurl[]="";


static uint8_t myip[4] = {10,0,0,12};
static char baseurl[]="";