Picture of A well FIGured Bucket
Some of my wife's fondest memories came from her Grandmother's back yard; filling her apron with figs. She was thrilled to find our new home came complete with a fig tree. I made this bucket for her and her purple thumb. It has an upholstered lid which doubles as a kneeler. As this bucket is also used to gather figs and other grown treats, the custom paint job keeps it separate from "Daddy's work buckets". This bucket also has a few other features which come in handy for her gardening adventures. 
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Step 1: Find a 5 gallon bucket

Picture of Find a 5 gallon bucket
Get a five-gallon bucket.  Use a tape measure to find the inside diameter.  My bucket inside diameter measured 10 5/8 inches.

Step 2: When plywood and math collide

Picture of When plywood and math collide
The seat core is made from two plywood circles.  I like to use 1/2" plyboord.  Plyboard is usually sold in 4 foot x 8 foot pieces, or more convenient 4 foot x 4 foot pieces.  I cut my circles from a 4 x 4 foot piece.

You will need to find the radius for the inside bucket opening.  Take your dimension and find the decimal counterpart (on a calculater 5/8 = 0.625 + 10 = 10.625).  Take this dimension and divide by 2 (10.625 / 2 = 5.3125).  To convert back to fractions take the decimal portion and multipy by a convenient measurement on your tape measure.  My tape measure is in 1/16th, so 0.3125 x 16 = 5, or 5/16.  The total radius is then 5 5/16 inches.

I used a stiff piece of cardboard and a nail to make a custom compass.  Place one nail hole (where a pencil or pen will go) near the edge.  Measure out your radius ( 5 5/16 inches in my example) and place another hole.  Place a light nail hole the distance of the radius from each edge.  This will be the center of the circle.  Place the nail in the cardboard compass and use a pencil or pen to trace out the circle by using the nail as a center guide. 
I see you used acrylic paint. Did it adhere to the surface okay? Did you spray an enamel or anything over the paint to keep it from chipping?
vincent75202 years ago
Wish I had a wife as good to her husband as this man is good to his wife !…

(a special message to the wife ; don't let this one go !!!…;)

Very nice !…

Thumbs up.
Bremauntz (author)  vincent75202 years ago
Thanks for the kind words. My wife and are lucky to have one another!
Glad to hear that !…

Cheers and have a good week end !
rod howard2 years ago
love the bucket!!
Bremauntz (author)  rod howard2 years ago
Thanks Rod. I understand your garden could use one. We'll see what we can do!
sunshiine2 years ago
Very clever! I need a few in my yard! Thanks for sharing!~
Bremauntz (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thanks sunshiine!
samalert2 years ago
Everything turned up well the cutting, the idea really loved it except the painting. But again thats COMPLIMENTARY :)
Bremauntz (author)  samalert2 years ago
Thanks samalert. I thought the purple color was complementary of the fig leaf! But of course, paint is optional.
Kiteman2 years ago
When plywood and math collide

That has got to be the best step-title I have seen for months!

That's a grand project, well done.
Bremauntz (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thanks Kiteman. Dividing fractions an be tough. I appreciate the kind words.
That's awesome! If I had that, I might actually do yard work :) (strong might)
Bremauntz (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks Penolopy. I'm not a gardener either, just my wife!