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Introduction: A Wooden Persuader (hammer)

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I was working on my trucks roll up back door and needed something heavy yet not hard to smack some cast metal pieces into compliance. Now I could have gone to the store and bought a plastic deadblow hammer for $30us but where's the fun in that?

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

First I gathered up some supplies, a cut off chunk of landscape timber, an old sunbrella pole, a drill with a hole saw (to fit the wooden pole) a hammer and chisel a bottle of gorilla glue and some screws

Step 2: Getting Started

Sorry I didn't get a pic of cutting the pole down to size. Put the holesaw in the drill and cut a hole, then chisel out the plug, if you use a smaller diameter pole or metal rod you could use a spade bit and save some steps.

Step 3:

apply the glue (I used goriila glue because it was handy but wood glue should work) and insert the handle.

Step 4: FINI'

The finished persuader. I added a couple of wood screws for insurance and because I needed to use it right away, Its not pretty but it worked for what I needed. I think I'll cut some of each end off the head though. I'll probably use it to drive garden stakes into our sandy soil, maybe tent stakes or thors hammer for halloween



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    soo its a block ofd wood with a metal pipe glued in? thats perfect! never seen a cheaper but still effective model before. well done

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    it is a chunk of wood with a wooden handle, it served its intended purpose and much more, all 4 sides of the head are battered and frayed, it's even been used as a prop in our haunted house !

    Thank you for sharing ! I couldn't believe it was only 2yrs ago I made the hammer with all the projects its assited in but alass it was only a chunk of landscape timber pine, the ragged ends of the hammer were cleaned up a few times but the handle just recently broke = ( I guess I have to make another.....

    heres wat i made by my own ideas thx to this instructable for givin me the idea if u want me to post an ible on it just ask me to ill be glad to make 1. btw this is my version of a crab hammer (malet) for cracking open crab shells to get to the meat im still patenting this so dont give crap about it.


    Nice hammer,

    I made a couple of mallets on my wood lathe using thorn for the heads.

    Gorilla glue was the only thing i found would take the repeated impacts without the head becoming loose even wood glue and hardwood wedges came loose.

    In my area "the gentle persuader" is a term for a 10-20lbs sledge hammer.


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    thanks for the comment, at the time I had a need, it took longer to collect the materials than to actually make the "hammer". It's one of those things though that when you have it around you tend to reach for it

    Hmm, I worked in a lab which used big bricks of dry ice - they had a heavy hammer with the words "student motivator" penned on it - so I appreciate the word "persuader" The weather looks great where you are, where are you? L (This would be a mallet?)

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    I made a large hammer from a tree trunk with "BANHAMMER" carved into the side a few years back. The handle has broke since then but I want to replace it soon. I'm trying to decide if I should cut a handle from the Christmas tree that just went out or a thick broom handle I have sitting around.

    I don't know wood that well, but it'd be a good use of the tree?


    Actually my Christmas tree was wierd and it split off in the middle of the trunk. Now it's just firewood.

    Oh well, another use for it I suppose.


     I suppose you could use the tree trunk as a temporary handle but it wont be seasoned and conifer wood isn't really very strong. Look at building sites and try to find a scrap of closet pole or broken shovel handle

    I ended up using a sturdy broom handle I found in a dumpster. It was already the perfect size.

    Cool, depending on shape/size of head this same idea can be a carving mallet or timber frame commander/mover. And maybe try a blind foxtail, put wedge in handle tip before driving it into hole when handle bottoms out wedge is driven tite.

    We have a few steak knife wood holders that are sitting around, I was thinking about cutting the slanted end off and making a tent peg mallet out of it. Kind of like what you did here. Maybe I will give it a shot.

    Im in NE Florida, it was rather nice in the sun but it struggled to get to 70degrees = (

    Yes I guess this would also be called a mallet

    Nice, I always am a fan of using whats on hand to solve problems and save $$$. Now if I ever need a deadblow hammer I will have this alternative. Thanks