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I've been working on building a fully enclosed, lights out, full Immersion fight simulator that resembles an A10-C WartHog.

This instructable will not include the forward cockpit panel nor the simulation software.

This is a rather big project and will require construction equipment such as a forklift or possibly a crane.

One of the main components is an enclosure that once closed allows no light to enter.  I would like to point out that  wile no light should enter oxygen should, please don't make your simulator air tight. Oxygen deprivation is not a component that should be included in any flight simulator in this manner. If one wishes to simulate high G black outs one should look to the usage of a flight presser suit and an air compressor. 

Step 1: Find Your Self a Good Box

My choice for the enclosure is a US Army Ramim's S-250/G shelter.

I spent a lot time in one of these boxes wile I was in the Signal Core, sometimes days at a time, you could always get out and stretch and stuff but It was always somewhat of an odd sensation hour after hour.  I use to think to myself, man if I could pull all this crap out I could really do something cool with one of these boxes.

years latter I was getting back into flight simulators or SimPits as there sometimes called and the two projects fit perfectly together.

There are a few other options but I've always have a fondness for my little S250 shelter.

Ramim's S-250/G shelter, is a lightweight, high strength, insulated, all weather, general purpose, mobile shelter for housing various communications and other types of equipment. Ramim's S-250/G Shelters meets the requirement of specification ASTM E 1974 (MIL-S-55541-H).

There are a lot of perks to using a full enclosure that is located out side of your house. This approach is much more appealing to my wife who  eventually got tired of GUB-97 Cluster Bombs going off at insanely loud  levels, and me continues screaming "MayDay, MayDay, Im  going down"  really warmed her up to my purchase of the S250 shelter for my flight simulator and the use of a small patch of our back yard.

<p>Whoa, nice! I have the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog as well, which is a very nice joystick. I use it for flight simulators.</p>
<p>I have no interest at all in flight simulators. but all I have to say is WOW!!! impressive, good job.</p>
<p>I know I am late to the party- but wow. This is incredible. Ive got probably 10,000 hours in one of these shelters- I still can't stand &quot;sea-foam&quot; green.</p><p>I'd love to ask you how much the shelter cost you...</p><p>Turning this into a flight sim is beyond amazing and respectable- it also reaches a moderate level of crazy- I've got to hand it to you- Nice Work!</p>
this is great but you need to cover everything in CARC. it will add to the realism and help protect against the upcoming chemical/zombie threat. <br>When your wife bothers you for such mundane tasks as dinner and sleep, tell her she needs a clearance to step in your shelter.
Oh it's done in CARC, it's also got that real anti mildew pain on the inside. It's got that funky smell you never forget. <br> <br>check back in a few days and you can see my 25m combat zero and Zombie qualification range. <br> <br>thanks for the comment. <br> <br> <br> <br>
i imagine it smells like a mixture of JP8, CLP a 3 week field exercise and a hint of cancer. scentsy should market it as a new fragrance
Scentsy?!? Bwahahaha! You have obviously worn that scent before, sir. Thanks.
Shouldn't that be WARC , Wife's Anger Resistant Coating ...
Now you have to make the whole shelter MOVE! Seriously, this is epic. Can you estimate the total cost including shipping and tractor rental without violating Spousal OPSEC?
Very nice. How did you get that view on your main display. That is perfect
They could use this as a secret way to fly a drone.

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