Picture of A10-02 Knex gun
This is a modified version of someone else`s gun i just really like it so i made it 3-D and shared

Step 1: The barrel

Picture of The barrel
Before you begin assembly collect 27 snowflakes, 1 orange double sided connector, one green rod, 2 grey rods and one white rod. you may now begin assembly take 15 snowflakes and put them on the 2 grey rods like in the picture. then you take the orange double sided connector and put the white rod into one end this is your trigger now take your newly assembled trigger and slide it on the right side of the snowflake covered grey rods then put the rest of the snow flakes on and the green rod like in the picture. put it aside until final assembly
planktons16 years ago
What'd you use to make those pics?
DJ Radio6 years ago
VERY BAD! 0.5*
alfpwns6 years ago
Sadly this is a copy(i think) and its a block good instructs
pls6 years ago
i like the 3rd computer simulator, but theres so much many guns exactly like this on the site.