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Slippers are as simple as the sole and the upper. Well, then I try to make a very simple one, with style ...

Autodesk papers coming along with my previous prize were laying on my table. I picked up one and thought "how can I make instant slippers with minimal cuts?" Tick tock... tick tock ...

After several papers torn down, gotcha! I made one with half cut, so I made a pair with one cut. Hmm.. how can you define "half cut" ? I didn't cut it "off", so I called it half cut :D

Let's take a look.

Step 1: Papers Version

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I make a paper version here so that it is easier to look at the drawing and cutting line.

  • Prepare two pieces of A4 paper.
  • Measure 5 inches from the bottom left.
  • Cut 7 inches upward from the bottom.

Okay, so A4 paper, 5" and 7" are according to my 42 Europe size (US size 9). To proper fit your feet 5" is the width. A4 paper has 11" for the length so you can cut out according to your foot's length. 7" is about 2/3 of your foot's length.

Then make another measured from the bottom right of the paper and cut upward.

Step 2: The Upper

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Fold the small cut of the paper backward as seen on the photo. The left corner of the fold is aligned straight to the top of paper. I will call this "the fold".

Step 3: The Holes

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Make 4 holes distributed evenly near the end of the fold. I cut them out with hole punch. Well, mine are not that even but close. I pick the easy numbers on my ruler :D

Step 4: More Holes

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Duplicate the holes on the left of the paper with the same distribution width starting about 2" from the top.

Step 5: The Stitch

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  • Curve the fold and get the holes meet their adjacent holes on the left of the paper.
  • Get 1 foot of paracord. Make a simple knot at the middle.
  • Stitch the cord through the holes as seen on the photos starting from the bottom of the paper.
  • Make a double knots at the last hole.

If they are too loose on your feet, you can make more holes at the fold, farther from the end. So now you get adjustable size :)

Step 6: End It With Style

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Flip the topmost upper out for style. That is the left piece, repeat for the right one.

Step 7: The Real Ones

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Wandering around I found a piece of 3 mm foam mat in my old car amplifier box.

I cut them into two pieces of A4 size.

I had no white marker, so I used my paper version to mark the cutting line. I used my ruler to mark a line on the foam mat.

I used a screwdriver to mark the holes positions. I modified my hole punch to work on the 3 mm mat, but I think you should use a leather hole punch on this step.

Do the stitches. Done! A pair of A4 slippers.

Test fit. Not bad at all aren't they? ;)

If you feel it slippery on wet floor, well, add some hot glue at the bottom of the sole. Ah.. I just doodling around on my photo because it will be hard to see the transparent hot glue isn't it? :D

Step 8: Outro

Using these slippers at home you can turn more paracords around and make some weaves on top of the upper.Bringing these slippers in your backpack or suitcase won't eat up your space as they are flat and thin. Wearing these in a hotel will make the other customers asking "Why I don't get that in my room?", you can simply answer "I am a special customer staying in the luxurious president's room." Wuahahaha...

My kids were not going outside without footwear when they were 5 because they were afraid of getting dirty feet. If you have the same situation with yours, then you can make instant ones out of few plies of papers.

Well... happy making and styling your slippers.


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