This is an Ikea "SNACK" box hack. A perfect upgrade from that tiny filing box with a flimsy handle that you used as a student; this filing drawer rolls along the ground and can sit unobtrusively under a bench or shelf.

I recently decided that I would transfer all my files to a hanging/suspension system. However, I didn't want a tall 4 drawer filing cabinet, and despite much searching - I found nothing in the UK that fitted my requirements of being low profile, modular and expandable. I discovered several (expensive) "Filing Benches" in the US that looked good, but despite toying with the idea of making something similar - I thought I would leave it to someone with superior woodworking skills.

So this is what I settled on - A very sturdy, mobile filing system made with simple techniques that require very little DIY skill.

Have fun playing with the design - I welcome improvements and suggestions. If you make something similar - I'd be really interested to see your take on it.

Enjoy my first instructable!

Step 1: Tools Needed

Drill Bits
Wood Saw
Measuring Tape
Set Square
Wood Glue
Nails (panel pins)
This is a fantastic first instructable. My first was AWFUL.<br>
Another thought...drill the through-hole at the bottom of the slot, then saw down each side. The waste should fall right out.
Finally a use for things from Ikea. And somewhere to organise my paperwork. Good work!
Brilliant! Nice idea n v clear instructiones.
Thanks for your comment Colin, you are officially my first commenter on Instructables. <sup>_</sup><br/>
Hi Koala! I've made one and it will probably make me (bit) more organised! Thanks for the Instructable. from Ella
I'm glad it was of use to you Ella, good luck with the being organised bit (thats the part I always struggle with!)

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