A4 Paper Wallet





Introduction: A4 Paper Wallet

This is a simple A4 wallet whit a credit card size. no glue. no scissor. no cuts. no tape.

sorry for the video without music or voice.

is just my first instructable =}.

ps: The wallet have a "secret pocket"



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    Yup awsome one and found the "secret pocket" after i made it wonder how some didnt find it..........

    Dude..... Where's the secret pocket?

    does it hold change?

    i love this wallet because it takes no cutting no glueing and no tapeing or stapling

    Where is the Secret Pocket?

    This is very easy and is great for taking around smaller amounts of money. Great Job.

    Superb.... quick and simple to make. Thanks very much ;)

    Very very interesting and easy to make without any use of tools. great job man !

    This is the best wallet ever!!!!

    Ive made most of the paper wallets on here and this one is still my favourite.. The cards can be hard to get out though, so ive put some small indentations to make them more "quick access". Otherwise, great job! Its the easiest to make too..

    thanks man, now I have done my second wallet by your instructables, first one endured almost half a year. why to buy 200 hundred dollars, when this origami can do same job for free.

    that wasnt boring sit through 3 hrs on a bench
    & its awesome!!!

    Cool! There are so much pockets!

    brilliant!!! i love it !! i showed it to my mum + dad and the said it was awsome!

    That's great! I will gather all my scattered cards in this wallet and never have to dig them through a pile. Thanks a lot!!!

    That is awesome I've been looking for a new wallet to make my old duct tape wallet is about 2-3 years old.

    This is very cool. If you got a piece of Tyvek and cut it to the A4 size, then you'd have a sturdier wallet.

    lol...made an acount just to comment! exelent could not have ben better. TIP: from sliding ot in and out of my pocket it wears holes in it... no problamo!just unfold and put tape on the inside of the crease fold it back up and it more durable then ever!!!