There have been a lot of "guns" posted lately that utilize rubberbands. I deciede to share my AA cannon. Sorry that there is no pics of it being built (I built it quite a few weeks ago and took no pics) but you should be able to build it with my directions. It will put a AA battery out of sight.
Also, it is really cheap; it only cost me about $13
It really is a very simple, small scale pneumatic cannon. Overall length is about 18 inches, height is 4 inches. The barrel and air chamber are both removeable, which makes it easy to modify.

Step 1: Get Parts

Okay, here's the part list and where I got them.

These materials I got at Lowes Hardware:
One 12-inch long 1/2-inch nipple (pictures 3 and 4)
One 1/2-inch ball valve with threaded ends (picture 6)
Two 1/2-inch close nipples
Two 1/2 inch elbows that are threaded (screw on) on one end and need to be glued on the other
One 2-inch to 1/2-inch threaded reducer
One 2-inch coupler
One 2-inch cap

These I got at Ace Hardwate:
One PVC Purple Primer (trust me, you need this if you don't want it to leak)
One PVC Cement
One roll Teflon (Plumbers) Tape
2 inches of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
8 inches of 2 inch PVC pipe

These I got at Schucks Auto Supply:
One pack (icludes two) tire replacement valves for a .453 rim hole (picture 2)
<p>This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.</p><p><a href="https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/1Zs3c" rel="nofollow">https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/1Zs3c</a><br>..</p>
Could you pour some water into the air chamber then pump it up as usual and then fire it.Would it turn into a water gun?
what do you do if you do happen to find a leak? e.g: super glue it or something else?<br /> plz reply thx
Depends where the leak is. If it's on the threaded connections, It's ok. Use some more teflon tape. Anywhere else, tell me
If there's a leak, throw it away. Seriously. Leak = weak point for it to explode later.
is this the cannon expressed on the coke cannon instructable as a comment, <br>&quot;my own design, able to shoot batteries over 200 ' at 90 psi&quot; ?
I'm not sure what you're talking about...
i want to try and make one of these which has a compact bike pump built into it. so t will basically be the same as using a water gun. i wonder if you could take apart a water gun and use it? hmm
....and then it goes boom in your face and we all laugh <3333 good luck using paper-thin plastic.
im actaully thinking of using a water bottly as the chamber where the air goes in, have you heard how much pressure they can take its quite astounding, one of those small 500ml bottles can take about 80psi. its more just the pump for the water gun that im using
Use a 2 liter soda bottle. They're made to be pressurized and can take a lot of force. I used to use those on the 4th of July. fill them with about 120 PSI and keep going till you get an explosion.
watch the news his gun got blocked and he kept filling to 200 psi then boom (look for it till it happens) <br />
that is why on all 3 of my pneumatic cannons i placed a 150psi air release valve<br />
is it just me or is everybody think that its kind of cheap and stupid to use a bicycle tire to inflate a pressurized chamber?? im not tryin to make a put down, but thats actually stupid....nice though
Please mention 1 other way to fill the chamber.
air compresser works well and with a release trigger used to blow air can become your chamber like when i shot my dad with a nerf dart with this and he coouldnt sit down for a month<br />
Fan air into it then close it really fast.
Or you could fart into it.
hold a lighter to the front of the gun!
Lmfao "Or you could fart into it" - Win.
Couldn't resist. That joke, though, is so old between my friends and I. Marshmellow guns (PVC design, blow into one end, ammo goes out the nose, that design) and one of my friends hit me with, "You call that a shot? I could fart into it and the thing would go faster!"
Not really the best way to pressurize the gun...
Not bad! Never thought of using batteries as ammo. Thank goodness my air-sniper I'm making has a large bolt opening and a removable inner barrel...
Wow. I'm sorry, but you fail at life. Go make something simpler, like a blowgun. Too complicated? Thought so. Don't make something you dont understand. When you die and win a darwin award, we all get a bad name.
ohh... whoa... really. <strong>someone should sig that</strong> XD<br/>
i commend you on your nerd burnage.
(to the author) hey, that rifle like thingyou showed in the last step is a gnarly idea, but you eed to make it so the stock is held onto the barrel assembly by something a little more substantial... if you are walking around with this thing and its pressurized and you trip over a leaf or some other obstacle and do a face plant, all the force will be centered on that one pipe, which will break and spray pvc shards all over, and btw, pvc doesnt show up on xrays, so you would have to get explorative surgery to get all the shrapnel out. igive this gun a four out of ten, but if you want to get into something like ten times more gnarly, search 25mm pneumatic sniper rifle in the search bar and make the one by irwinner... its great!!!
Hey can anyone give me a link or tell me what a coz tank is ummm and that ph word like phetenomics i dunno what that is i looked at the coz tank on instructables but not really explain what it is
What's a coz tank... fail.
Wow i just realised hwo little sence that sentenced made o.o and how noobie that stuff is now that i look at it ;)
I believe you mean a co2 tank. its carbon dioxide compressed in a tank. I think the word you are looking for is pneumatic.
is it possible to use another tire valve? i can't find a pump for a .453" rim hole. I do have a bike pump but it doesn't fit.
Just find a valve and make a hole that fits.
Yes, but you won't want to use a 9/16 drill bit.
This looks like a marble gun.
Im not alone :D
Ya you should put a co2 tank.
Do you know the work it is to regulate that? Safely? You don't just super glue a CO2 tank to it, ya know...
I tride to make the aa cannon but the guy gave me the wrong parts!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok i wanted to say you can use pvc pipe at a higher psi.But you have to look at the side of the pipe and see what the psi rating is.It will look something like this 200 PSI
See below and, what did you ask the guy, "I WANNA MAKE A SHOOTY THINGY THATLL KILL ME OUTTA PVC HALP ME PLAWKS."
i'm gonna try to mount one of these on my go cart only bigger to shoot outthose one dummy bullets from army surplus
Go for it :D
now if only you could get one of these to shoot NERF darts...
Too light to fly worth a damn.
at wat psi can you shoot a aa battery about 200yards
900. Go try it :).
what are some other things you can shoot'??
Shoot out of it or shoot at?
do u know wat it can do to 1inch plywood??

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