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There have been a lot of "guns" posted lately that utilize rubberbands. I deciede to share my AA cannon. Sorry that there is no pics of it being built (I built it quite a few weeks ago and took no pics) but you should be able to build it with my directions. It will put a AA battery out of sight.
Also, it is really cheap; it only cost me about $13
It really is a very simple, small scale pneumatic cannon. Overall length is about 18 inches, height is 4 inches. The barrel and air chamber are both removeable, which makes it easy to modify.

Step 1: Get parts

Picture of Get parts
Okay, here's the part list and where I got them.

These materials I got at Lowes Hardware:
One 12-inch long 1/2-inch nipple (pictures 3 and 4)
One 1/2-inch ball valve with threaded ends (picture 6)
Two 1/2-inch close nipples
Two 1/2 inch elbows that are threaded (screw on) on one end and need to be glued on the other
One 2-inch to 1/2-inch threaded reducer
One 2-inch coupler
One 2-inch cap

These I got at Ace Hardwate:
One PVC Purple Primer (trust me, you need this if you don't want it to leak)
One PVC Cement
One roll Teflon (Plumbers) Tape
2 inches of 1/2 inch PVC pipe
8 inches of 2 inch PVC pipe

These I got at Schucks Auto Supply:
One pack (icludes two) tire replacement valves for a .453 rim hole (picture 2)
Masher0071 year ago

This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.


JuriusV2 years ago
Could you pour some water into the air chamber then pump it up as usual and then fire it.Would it turn into a water gun?
twodogs5 years ago
what do you do if you do happen to find a leak? e.g: super glue it or something else?
plz reply thx
Depends where the leak is. If it's on the threaded connections, It's ok. Use some more teflon tape. Anywhere else, tell me
SCrid2000 (author)  twodogs4 years ago
If there's a leak, throw it away. Seriously. Leak = weak point for it to explode later.
is this the cannon expressed on the coke cannon instructable as a comment,
"my own design, able to shoot batteries over 200 ' at 90 psi" ?
SCrid2000 (author)  commentnlookr4 years ago
I'm not sure what you're talking about...
mattias law6 years ago
i want to try and make one of these which has a compact bike pump built into it. so t will basically be the same as using a water gun. i wonder if you could take apart a water gun and use it? hmm
....and then it goes boom in your face and we all laugh <3333 good luck using paper-thin plastic.
im actaully thinking of using a water bottly as the chamber where the air goes in, have you heard how much pressure they can take its quite astounding, one of those small 500ml bottles can take about 80psi. its more just the pump for the water gun that im using
Use a 2 liter soda bottle. They're made to be pressurized and can take a lot of force. I used to use those on the 4th of July. fill them with about 120 PSI and keep going till you get an explosion.
watch the news his gun got blocked and he kept filling to 200 psi then boom (look for it till it happens)
that is why on all 3 of my pneumatic cannons i placed a 150psi air release valve
is it just me or is everybody think that its kind of cheap and stupid to use a bicycle tire to inflate a pressurized chamber?? im not tryin to make a put down, but thats actually stupid....nice though
Please mention 1 other way to fill the chamber.
air compresser works well and with a release trigger used to blow air can become your chamber like when i shot my dad with a nerf dart with this and he coouldnt sit down for a month
Fan air into it then close it really fast.
Or you could fart into it.
hold a lighter to the front of the gun!
Lmfao "Or you could fart into it" - Win.
Couldn't resist. That joke, though, is so old between my friends and I. Marshmellow guns (PVC design, blow into one end, ammo goes out the nose, that design) and one of my friends hit me with, "You call that a shot? I could fart into it and the thing would go faster!"
Not really the best way to pressurize the gun...
Madrias3576 years ago
Not bad! Never thought of using batteries as ammo. Thank goodness my air-sniper I'm making has a large bolt opening and a removable inner barrel...
KiNG077 years ago
Wow. I'm sorry, but you fail at life. Go make something simpler, like a blowgun. Too complicated? Thought so. Don't make something you dont understand. When you die and win a darwin award, we all get a bad name.
ohh... whoa... really. someone should sig that XD
i commend you on your nerd burnage.
ilpug6 years ago
(to the author) hey, that rifle like thingyou showed in the last step is a gnarly idea, but you eed to make it so the stock is held onto the barrel assembly by something a little more substantial... if you are walking around with this thing and its pressurized and you trip over a leaf or some other obstacle and do a face plant, all the force will be centered on that one pipe, which will break and spray pvc shards all over, and btw, pvc doesnt show up on xrays, so you would have to get explorative surgery to get all the shrapnel out. igive this gun a four out of ten, but if you want to get into something like ten times more gnarly, search 25mm pneumatic sniper rifle in the search bar and make the one by irwinner... its great!!!
BOMBOMBOMB8 years ago
Hey can anyone give me a link or tell me what a coz tank is ummm and that ph word like phetenomics i dunno what that is i looked at the coz tank on instructables but not really explain what it is
What's a coz tank... fail.
Wow i just realised hwo little sence that sentenced made o.o and how noobie that stuff is now that i look at it ;)
I believe you mean a co2 tank. its carbon dioxide compressed in a tank. I think the word you are looking for is pneumatic.
f16fan128 years ago
is it possible to use another tire valve? i can't find a pump for a .453" rim hole. I do have a bike pump but it doesn't fit.
Just find a valve and make a hole that fits.
SCrid2000 (author)  f16fan128 years ago
Yes, but you won't want to use a 9/16 drill bit.
BobertXXL8 years ago
This looks like a marble gun.
Im not alone :D
BobertXXL8 years ago
Ya you should put a co2 tank.
Do you know the work it is to regulate that? Safely? You don't just super glue a CO2 tank to it, ya know...
mopar19928 years ago
I tride to make the aa cannon but the guy gave me the wrong parts!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok i wanted to say you can use pvc pipe at a higher psi.But you have to look at the side of the pipe and see what the psi rating is.It will look something like this 200 PSI
See below and, what did you ask the guy, "I WANNA MAKE A SHOOTY THINGY THATLL KILL ME OUTTA PVC HALP ME PLAWKS."
i'm gonna try to mount one of these on my go cart only bigger to shoot outthose one dummy bullets from army surplus
Go for it :D
Fenwick8 years ago
now if only you could get one of these to shoot NERF darts...
Too light to fly worth a damn.
balsa8 years ago
at wat psi can you shoot a aa battery about 200yards
900. Go try it :).
savageboy7 years ago
what are some other things you can shoot'??
Shoot out of it or shoot at?
wolf4427 years ago
do u know wat it can do to 1inch plywood??
Depends on your ammunition and the pressure, among other factors.
bigcheeze7 years ago
where did you get the tire valve?
Auto shop
liquid0086 years ago
can the tire valve stays for good? After a while think it will come falling off.....how about replacing it with something more hardly...thanks...
They stay forever so long as you drill right and dont rush through the crucial step.
nerf darts fit perfectly
Too light to fly worth a damn.
can you make a Instructable with a AA CANNON with a 2 inch wide barrel? I have a puenamic potato gun that is like a mortar. I can't think of anything to shoot except for potatoes and small deodarent cans
Easy. just get a 1/2-2" adapter... and a much bigger chamber, cuz its only gonna go like 2 feet with that tank.
It looks like the battery is glowing in the first video. Or on fire, wierd
Sonnyboy6 years ago
I work at an ace hardware and we have a valve like the one you use for the air. But it screws into 1/4 inch pipe and one that goes into 1/8 inch. we have found that this works better and you don't have to drill any holes. You just need a coupling and a reducer from 2 inch to 1/2 inch and then a reducer to what ever size the air valve is. YOu might give this a try. Thanks for some other great ideas
grut1256 years ago
Hey man I made your cannon and I got to say it is a well thought out cannon. as soon as I get my camera (in mail) I will show A a picture. I own a cannon like yours and I got two others. and multiple barrels.
Mattrox6 years ago
ha lol i removed that cooment cuz it looked stupid and now look at what it says
I made this cannon as Christmas present for someone and just realized it looked like your origional cannon. Good job by the way!
great job!! right now I am in the process of making my own =p
Charles IV7 years ago
My valve keeps leaking any help?
(LOOKS A BI LIKE mine) no it doesn't mattrox the only things it has in common is that it's an air cannon and it's made out of PVC.
i think he means by the muzzle WAY TO BE CRITICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
I think you added this to the wrong comment. lol
Use lotsa glue or put another ball valve between the valve and the chamber that you can shut off after pressurizing
heres mine
i had also add a muzzle
you do know that the pvc tee at the end of the barrel will cause resistance thus causing the projectile to move slower.
no i drill an hole at the tee and i did test and their is no diffrence
mines cant fit an aa battery i thnk the nipples are like 1/4 wide
bigcheeze7 years ago
where did ya get the tyre valve
cut them from an old bike/car tyre
oh,yeah sorry I found some at a place called princess auto
You can get a pack of two ant auto zone and such. you can also get threaded ones at some racing supply shops which are asking to be made in with a cannon.
i dont have a racing supply shop i live in the city(edmonton,ab)!!! AND! ther is none at my auto zone...:( :P
thats weird... try pretty much anywhere tires are sold, that should be it... dont count on this one, but, car dealerships??? if it doesnt work, tell the hoodies to slash your moms tires and ask for the popped ones! ;)I also highly recomend PVC guns instead of bottled ones, but if this is your first one stick with it. (mine sent a GUMDROP T H R O U G H STEEL!!!!
woops i guess this was the PVC one! lol! scatch the whole "bottle" and "PVC instead" part in my first comment.
found some tire valves at a place called "princes auto"
I got lots of pvc guns -one has a 1 1/2x48 barrel and a in-between one and two cubic foot combustion chamber,and best yet its all made of fittings. -the others pretty much the same as the first one u made PS.i tried exploding spudgun ammo and guess where the picture came from...
I go down to my local bike store and ask for some they gave me some but they are bike tyre valve which work just as good
I went down to my local maintanice shop and asked if they had just 1 cause i wasnt gonna buy 4 and he gave it to me free
ok i'll try my local mr.lube and see,i'lltellya if i find one
bimmer7 years ago
Normally i only have fun with pyrotecnik, but this is definetively an eksperiment worth trying, and its the most compact airgun ive found sofare (srry for the posibly bad spelling, im not english)
ilikebombs7 years ago
i have an idea!you could make a trigger and hook up two diffrent valves so when the trigger is pulled a small amount of air is released into smaller chamber the the other valve realeases it, and if you filled it up higher then you could have lots o shots.
no no no no no no no!!!! put a sprinkler valve on the front in place of the testicle valve and then hook up a momentary switch to whe solonoid. nice try though.....
testicle valve?
"ball" valve
*kicks ball*


you know ball valve it is like balls valve aka testicles
or I just had another idea! you could fill it with presurized flammable gas and release it to the barrel at low pressure the ignite!then you could constantly fire with only having to stick in a new whatever.
that has already been done its a good idea the only drawback is the pressure gets lower after each shot
jakee1178 years ago
it could be like an airsoft shot gun just make a tube fill with bbs and then fire
gotja jakee1177 years ago
ill be hard to keep the bbs in the right place
Phoghat gotja7 years ago
What you have to do is make cardboard wads. You have your hollow tube; cut a cardboard circle to fit the bottom of tube; fill with whatever; place another piece of circular cardboard on top of load.
blugyblug7 years ago
Okay everyone, to answer your little annoying questions.
Tire Valve=Any place that sells Tires or a hardware store.
Ball Valve=Plumbing store or Hardware Store.
PVC=Same thing as Ball Valve.
PVC Cement/Primer=Plumbing Store? Try the Above...
they sell pvc, ball valves, cement and primer at Lowe`s, Home Deopot, and any hardwear store.
i built this gun and mine has a few differences but it still works great. I did that baby carrot idea and shot my friend with one from like 4 feet with just 60 psi and it left a huge welt like a paintball. i also got bored so i built an airsoft gun attachment with a straw and some tape and it shoots them really hella fast.
LOL, owww. just don't do the same with a AA, cuz i imagine you like ur friend alive.
jakee1177 years ago
but i mean like use a shotgun shell filled with bbs or something
thegunthing8 years ago
dude, that is awesome! i made a similar mod. here is a suggestion- try filling a soda bottle 1/4 way and attaching it to the barrel. mine got up to 150 ft. and resulted in a satisfyin pop.
anthony12318 years ago
why don't you build one chamber to hold the air insted of that long thing i think thaty will be better
yeah, you should use a chamber, not a stock. just more places to leak or burst from. you gotta worry about structual integrity with that.
BlueFusion8 years ago
Hmm. I wouldn't go all the way up to 120 psi, at least not first time. 40 psi (or thereabouts) is ok for shooting people, with some stuff. Other than that, kewl. I have been building one with an electronic pilot assisted diaphragm valve, will post it when its done.
bikeparts248 years ago
I made one of these that works the same way. It is actually drying now. Maybe I'll post a pic son
Coffee bean8 years ago
hey bombbombbomb what is with your ID
liny8 years ago
Cool instructable. I made a gun like this time ago. It used a bottle to make pressure instead of a pipe.
toogood8 years ago
what dose 'AA' stand for because the only meaning i know of is anti aircraft
its a type of battery
qon duixote8 years ago
I built an inline pneumatic gun like this with all 2" piping last year and they are a really fun/easy design. with a potato cut in half to reduce weight I launched over 150 yards @ 95 psi. I won some bets when I pulled it out with a bike pump people underestimate pneumatics.
redcell8 years ago
could u plz post another instructable
This looks like a WBL (Water Balloon Launcher) without the water balloon holding part. The vids also show that this could probably fire a water balloon pretty far. One of us should try it.
mopar19928 years ago
you can make a rocket to with the aa cannon junt put a 20oz bottle on the pipe
DISKjock898 years ago
I just joined but to me this looks like a crude version of a paintball gun you should try making an attachment for a CO2 tank.
you can get the attachment but it is $35.00
dandaman8 years ago
I made one of these things and it worked pretty well but pumping it every shot is a pain in the ass.
i tried to make this, but wanted to incorporate an electronic switch to make it open fasted, unfortunatley i coudnt get all the parts so, instead, i made a AA cannon that uses butane as an accelerant, i used the same basic design, but with a few changes, it was cheaper but way less consistent in the firing kudos
Black Sheep8 years ago
i made mine out of steel it can hold so much psi like 200 almost put a hole right though a stop sign no joke i was like 10 ft away to so cool thx for the insturctable SCrid2000 by the way fires grass really nice to scares the shit out of people when u point it at them its funny as hell
Doom_Goat8 years ago
an interesting note that is hardly applicable to this instructable: if you have the resevoir inline rather than over under, air can escape faster. not that it will matter since this gun has a small resevoir and a ball valve. but great place for beginners, or for a cheap one just to play with.
Ian018 years ago
Nice cannon, but don't shoot batteries or anything else containing toxic chemicals unless you pick them up after.
Doom_Goat Ian018 years ago
not to mention c cell batteries can break bricks shot from a good enough gun ;)
theRIAA8 years ago
these are the most very basic of beginner cannons


nice cheap one though. really nothing can go wrong with them... exept the tire valve leacking... witch happens to all of them
SCrid2000 (author)  theRIAA8 years ago
Yeah, I don't like that site - lots of jerkoffs there. I know it's a simple gun, and it's also cheap and easy to make - that's why I posted it. When you get right down to it, basic means cheap and easy, while complex means difficult and expensive. Ans as for it being a beginner cannon, why would I post something advanced on a site that is so varied? This is for people who have never seen these before, not experts. I have some much more complex ones, but I don't feel like leading someone to a premature death by urging them to create a CO2 powered launcher or something.It's definatly better than a rubberband shooting a nail. Like DCShoeCo's comment shows, it is something that some people have not heard of. And the tire valve doesn't leak, I've always used that kind and never had one leak. They work great. You just have to use the right size drill bit (9/16) and a dececnt amount of superglue.
Now that you've done the basic, I for one, would be intersted in the next level up. I like this one very much, but I'm also curious what the next step would be?
there are many next steps, as air powered cannons are a lot safer, and more versatile in shape. As for beginners the next step would definately be to upgrade the valve to an electric solenoid valve. There are better valves than such, but you cant buy them, you have to make them and its complicated. then a larger air chamber would be best. the best gun i have built has two air chambers, each 5 ft long of 2" pvc pipe.needless to say, it devestates. but as for ideas you can find a plethora of resources at http://www.spudfiles.com
SCrid2000 (author)  Doom_Goat8 years ago
Actually, combustion is far safer. If (and it is a big if) the pipe does explode under pressure, you're screwed. The explosion in a combustion is too small to be dangerous - unless your gun is connected to your fuel source (say barbeque style propane tank) and the whole thing goes, combustion is safer - and a lot louder :) That's my favorite combustion cannon I'm holding in my ID - second one I made, designed for tennis balls. Very simple combustion, but loads of fun.
true, but with air power guns, the pressure is slowly built up, rather than a split second huge spike in pressure. also, air is more accurate ,for you can know exactly how much your gun can take. although i do agree with you that a pipe failure would suck, i think both have their high and low points.
hehe... eventually a burst disk propane/compressed air hybrid :D
hybrids= extremely dangerous but powerful
yes... which is why you won't see mine here ;)
i use a smaller bit than that and pound it in with a hammer. then i use about a 1/3 thing of 2 ton epoxy.... it always leaks.. im just cursed or something
the best method is to glue it from the inside, that way the air pressure will only push the glue tighter into the seal. of course you have to glue the valve to the cap before putting it on the gun
f16fan128 years ago
1. where does one find that long a nipple (1 ft) ? 2. what do you mean by "Wrap teflon tape around all the threaded ends" does that mean actually on the threads themselves?
SCrid2000 (author)  f16fan128 years ago
1. any hardware store, along with the other PVC parts 2. Yes. Teflon tape stops air from leaking fron between the threads.
meddler8 years ago
Yep wrap it right on the threads,don't over do it though,when you screw in what ever your using they will form a seal.
dcshoeco338 years ago
wow this is pretty sweet.. now i want to make 1