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Introduction: AA Sniper

Here's a Knex sniper, it's rather good in my opinion.

Step 1: Hopper and Barrel

I should give some credit to The_Burrito_Master for the concept (I have permission :P). I have modded it slightly.  

Step 2: Pin Guide and Handle


Step 3: Butts

Yeah I got lazy. The pictures are clear enough though, this is an easy step. 

You can choose between the 2 butts.

If you are building the pistol, then check the last picture for reference.

Step 4: Put the What You've Made Together

Do it.

Step 5: Barrel

Time for that long barrel :D 

Step 6: Other Bits

1) Iron Sights
2) Rails (make the gun stronger)
3) Hopper cover (highly recommended)  
4) Pin

Step 7: Monopod

Uses a ratchet system. Push the yellow bar to unlock and use, otherwise it locks and doesn't move! Great success!

You can design your own monopod base if you like, I prefer the simple option.

Step 8: Firing

1) Load 6 red rods into the mag
2) Shut lid
3) Pull back the pin slide until the gun clicks
4) Pull the true trigger (or if you want push the block trigger)

If the shot fails (very rare), the gun is installed with an access hole so the bullet can be pushed back into the firing slot easily. The hole is located above the barrel. 

Step 9: Coming Soon...

True bolt action pistol :D 



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    love you too

    im askin u cause ur cool lol, should i build the as50 sniper rifle?

    Never heard of it, but after a quick search are you talking about Beameron's? It's basically the same as any gun with a removable mag, just skinned to look like a sniper rifle. Therefore, build it if you like the looks of it really

    yes but I want to make my own gun without using anything from other peoples guns but no i do not want to build beameron's as50 because as you can see i dont have any proper ibles

    Wait, if you don't want to build it and want to make your own gun why did you ask me if you should built it? I would recommend taking a look at some removable mag mechanisms though if you're not too experienced with them

    I built this and it is awesome, but when I shoot it a lot of the time it tries to shoot two bullets and ends up shooting of the mag wall and the iron sight. Any suggestions?

    To stop it shooting two bullets, try using a simple mag pusher, or make sure the magazine is fully loaded. What do you mean by "shooting of the mag wall and the iron sight"? Is that supposed to be "off"? :P

    :( i see modded part : (