How Too use AA NiMH Batteries in place of D cells

Step 1: Never Be Stuck for Flashlight Batteries Again

Dont you just hate it when  you are out of batteries for your favorite D cell camping flashlight ?
oh you use an LED flashlight?20hr battery life? ok never mind you can leave then.
allright the rest of you listen up.
This instructable is for the 17 of us who still like our big flashlights.
I realize that alkaline D cells aren`t that expensive to purchase but they are sort of wasteful as you cant reliably recharge them.
Too bad you cant get them in Nickel Metal Hydride type... or can you?

THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!<br>good instructable
But I want to use D cells instead of AA cells so I don't have to change batteries as often...<br />
and so you should ,but what if all you have is AA?<br />
My digital camera and mp3 player take small, short life batteries and I would love it if they had bigger, longer lasting batteries.<br /> <br /> Alas, the first thing marketers shrink is the battery.<br />
Well then maybe you should look at my last instructable.<br /> i had a little dead coby mp3 player that i resurrected with AA bateries<br /> worked really well too.<br /> <br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Running-A-Dead-MP3-Player-On-AA-Batteries/<br />

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