AAA/9volt Battery Hack


Introduction: AAA/9volt Battery Hack

Ran out of AAA batteries and you couldn't be bothered going to the store but you have a 9 volt battery sitting around, then today's your lucky day.

Step 1: No AAA Batteries in the House? Not a Problem.

Well not a problem as long as you have a 9volt battery, you do don't you?

Step 2: Pry That Sucker Open.

Gently pry it open with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Step 3: Voilà, AAA Batteries.


Step 4: One More Step...

Pull apart the metal connector tabs and bend them over so they fit into any device that takes AAA batteries.



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    The voltage wont be right. Those are 3 volts per cell where as a standard AAA is 1.5 volts. You could potentially damage your electronics by using these.

    1 reply
    Sorry, no -- the battery shown here has 6 x 1.5v AAAA cells. They will work where an AAA is expected, but have much smaller capacity, so will run out quicker.

    Are you thinking of 3 x 3v lithium cells? Also 9v.

    Other designs of PP3 battery have a stack of 6 rectangular-but-rounded flat cells that are no use at all in this application :)


    4 years ago

    Those are not AAA batteries. They are AAAA that goes into AAA holders but with less juice. Also, some batteries (mostly cheap ones, but is not restricted to) are really made of stacks of metal and acid contained in plastic wrapping. So, only some works and take precaution and preparation for disappointment when you try this at home.

    those are AAAA Batteries, I have never tried them in a AAA device. it works?

    these are aaaa or quadruple-a batteries not aaa but its still very cool