how to make a chair to emergency situations
This is an artistic project with practice utility.
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Step 1: Description

wood strips (section 2x3,5 cms):
2 pieces 88 cms.
2 pieces 42,5 cms.
2 pieces 67 cms.
wood strips (section 3x3 cms):
2 pieces 2 cms.
3 pieces 30 cms.
2 pieces 38 cms.
1 piece 34 cms.

14 assembly screws (0.5x5 cms.) Allen type
4 bolts (0.4x5 cms.) with nut

Step 2: Step 1

step 1:
assembly 3 pieces 3x3x30 with 2 pieces 2x3.5x42.5

Step 3: Step 2

step 2:
A - assembly 2 pieces 3x3x38 with 2 pieces 2x3.5x88

Step 4: Step 3

step 3:
B - finish the other side

Step 5: Step 4

step 4:
put the screws

Step 6: Step 5

step 5:
assembly 1 piece 3x3x38 with 2 pieces 2x3.5x67

Step 7: Step 6

step 6:
put the bolts

Step 8: Assembly Diagram

assembly diagram

Step 9: Finished Chair

finished chair
Enjoy it!

Step 10: Artamugarriak

more info
sin medidas ni diagramas , como le hago? y tienen razon, que tiene que ver esto con un kit de emergencia?
Este es un proyecto artístico con utilidad práctica. This is a artistic project with practice utility
and besides, what does this have to do with an emergency kit?
in other words, everything's in spanish and I speak english.
yo hablo ingles. no yo hablo espanol. los fotos y los instrucciones en espanol.

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