Introduction: ABR V3

This is the ABR V3. I haven't tested the range yet but I'm sure it's pretty good. Anyway sorry I haven't been active in a while I've just been busy with work and anything I try to make just isn't working. The bolt on this version is a lot smoother and more reliable with a longer bolt pull. It holds five rounds with relatively no problems. The sights are "flip-able" and there is an extra mag well in the stock. Also sorry I didn't make a scope I couldn't get one on there.

Very comfortable
Powerful with one band
Shell ejecting
Low mag cap
"Flip" sights
Can store an extra mag
Long bolt pull
True trigger
Bipod capable
Sometimes round doesn't load right

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    Thanks man. Thats good to hear

    np :D (lol i suck at replies: a month late XD )

    Tis splendid in its appearance. You've got a sub from me because you really seem to know your stuff.

    2 replies

    It looks nice, though I agree with BM, in that it looks a bit similar. It's different from the previous ones in a couple of places, which looks good

    2 replies

    Well of course it looks similar it's a third version of the same gun and thanks

    That's understandable, and you're welcome

    Right i kinda forgot about that i'm going to try to build a different gun first but then ill get back to that