this is a comparison of ways to acetone finish 3D printed materials that i saw other people uses.

  1. The "fan in glass"
  2. The "lined bucket"
  3. Combination
  4. (extra) Clear nail polish coat

And i'm also comparing 2 different materials, ABS and PLA. They say that PLA wont react to acetone, but why not try it anyway.

I printed the form with various kinds of surfaces, edges, points, and shapes to see if the acetone will have different effects on them.

Step 1: The Form

I made this form to see the effects of the acetone on different types of shapes.

It has:

  • cones
  • pyramids
  • concaves
  • round
  • organic
  • scale texture
  • pointy & dull cones
  • prism
  • channels & valleys
use a glas container on a heated bed. on the bottom some acetone and place the object above it in that vapor for 30 seconds. I heat the bed to 140 degrees celcius.

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