Introduction: AC Booster Fan

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Booster fan to increase air flow to rear seats.

Step 1: Parts Needed

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80mm PC fan, I used a spare one I had but the higher CFM the better.
12 Volt cell phone car charger.
A few pigtails for connecting charger to fan.
One plastic cable strap.
Solder and Soldering Iron.
Electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.
Wire strippers.

Step 2: Cut Wires and Solder Pigtails

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Cut wires to length and solder pigtail connectors

Step 3: Install Holding Strap

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Install plastic cable strap and secure with electrical tape.

Step 4: Installation on Front Vents

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Slide plastic strap into vent opening and push fan up against vent. Adjust to direct air flow to right areas.

Step 5: Installation on Rear Seat Vents

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Same as step above, depending on size of vent you might need to rotate by 90deg to fit into fin openings. Plug into 12volt lighter socket and enjoy!


seamster (author)2014-10-22

Great idea! Thanks for sharing this.

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