AC Drill Speed Controller





Introduction: AC Drill Speed Controller

Due to high RPM of drilling machine,sometimes drill bit will be damaged. To avoid this problem I made this speed controller. We can use this for any type of AC motor's, saw's, fan etc... and also as light intensity controller.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Step 2: Assembling

  • Drill two holes in the gang box. One for AC wire and another for dimmer controller.
  • Insert the dimmer in one of the hole and fix it.
  • Fix the AC socket.

Step 3: Connections

Wire according to the picture above

Step 4: Finally

Make a Label and attach it.. It's finished.



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It 's a good idea for angle grinding machine.

omg... yet another buy from shop, read manual, install as per instructions.... instructable. Did you re-type it all by your little self? or did you just cut and paste the manual that came with it?

I bought it from china... No manual is provided with it.

It did not work.

I like the idea, but I would use this sparingly. Running an electric motor at low voltage can damage the motor. The motor will run hot and wear out quicker.

Dremel used to offer a variable speed controller box you could plug your Dremel (or other tools) into. It kept the voltage constant at all speeds so your tools were safe. I believe it modified the frequency instead of the voltage. There's probably something similar out there that would do the job without risking your tools.

These are indeed very handy to have. I would only make one suggestion though; to add a fuse for circuit protection, this controller may be used in several different applications so a safety device would make sense.