AC Hidden Blade With Simple Material





Introduction: AC Hidden Blade With Simple Material

Played AC, obsessed with its amazing hidden blade

wanna make it

don't have the needed material :-( :-( :-( I know how it feels so lets do it with household waste

Step 1: First Things First

Materials needed

1 Long thread

2 Well crow Shoe lace

3 paint (Optional)

4 card board box

5 ice cream stick

Alright !! lets get ahead

Step 2: Let's Start (blade Holder)

First make a box so that one end is closed and the other is open. Do it with a glue or tape, stick the sides. Its where the killing blade will arrive (the hidden blade container) go with the photo {sorry for the picture :-( }

Step 3: How to Make a Blade

Take an ice cream stick, rip it to its side so that it gets sharped. Color it metallic if u want go, with the picture

sorry again for the pic

Step 4: Finishing

This step is a little lengthy but u will do it

at the top of the blade holder make a hole.Now insert a string, do the same with the blade but the hole must be at the center (it depends on how much blade u want to take out. If the stick is small make a hole at the last if not make it at the center) now tie the the blade inside the box through the hole. On the holder make sure it is lose so when pressure is exerted the blade is hung between the holder and the air. go with the picture

Step 5: Finaly

After all attach an well crow with your hand and the holder or use a shoe lace. with a little force push ur hand towards the ground and the blade will hang

enjoy !!!!!



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    Sounds interesting :) Do you have a picture of your finished hidden blade?

    Mmm thanks I have one I will publish it

    Guys this is my first instructabe there may be some problems in it pls let me know if u made it if it is successful my pleasure if not we cant help it pls let me knoe if there is any corrections tell me