Introduction: AC Transformer Shocker

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This is my first instructable, so go easy on me.

In this instructable, i will be showing you how to convert an AC power transformer into a shoking device.

Step 1: Needed Materials:

Picture of Needed Materials:

You need:
An AC power adapter that you are willing to take apart (i think any of them should work)
A button/ switch
A square 9v battery (with good charge left)
Another square 9v battery (dead or one that you want to destroy)
Soldering Iron
Electrical tape
Hot glue
A vice
Minimal electronics and soldering knowledge and skills.

Step 2: Removing the Cord From Your Transformer

Picture of Removing the Cord From Your Transformer

the easiest way to do this is to but a flathead screwdriver on the cord, and hitting it with a hammer.

Step 3: Cutting Around the Prongs for Easier Opening

Picture of Cutting Around the Prongs for Easier Opening

In this step, you will take your dremel and cut a rectangle around the two prongs that go into the wall.
*CAUTION* the smoke from this may be toxic, do not breath it in!

Step 4: Open the Adapter

Picture of Open the Adapter

You will need to put the Flathead screwdriver where the cord was coming out of from before and hit with a hammer down the sides until it snaps open. then take the actual thing out

If yours had a circuit board on the end where the cord you removed were, you will need to take off the circuit board, and save the two wires that should be attached to the circuit board.

Step 5: Attatch Wires Directly to Adapter (unnecessary If Yours Didn't Have a Mini Circuit Board)

Picture of Attatch Wires Directly to Adapter (unnecessary If Yours Didn't Have a Mini Circuit Board)

Take those two wires ive been telling you so much about and solder them to the two wires that were attatched to the circuit board

Step 6: Attach Your Button

Picture of Attach Your Button

In this step, you will need to attach the button to either of the two wires you soldered on in the last step (or just the ones that were there if you had no circuit board)

Step 7: Taking Apart the Dead 9v Battery

Picture of Taking Apart the Dead 9v Battery

For this step, you will need to start by using wire clippers or pliers to get a piece that you can peel off.
You will then peel until you can take off the positive and negative clips. (you may need to snip it if it is attached on the inside)

Step 8: Finish Wiring the 9v Clip

Picture of Finish Wiring the 9v Clip

In this step, you will need to put a glob of solder on both of the leads on the bottom side of the piece you removed from the dead battery. Then you need to attach two wires facing the same way.

Step 9: Test and Finish Your 9v Battery Holder

Picture of Test and Finish Your 9v Battery Holder

Test your battery before you put it in the clip, then test the two wires coming off of the clip to see if it was a good solder connection. Then wrap in electrical tape if you wish.

Step 10: Wire the Battery Clip to the Rest of Your Tansformer (now Almost a Shocker!)

Picture of Wire the Battery Clip to the Rest of Your Tansformer (now Almost a Shocker!)

For this step, you will begin by attaching the other wire from the button to one of the wires coming from the clip. Then, you will solder the other free wire on the soon-to-become-shocker. and you can cover the wires you soldered together with electrical tape at this point.

Step 11: Test to See If the Shocking Device Is Working

Picture of Test to See If the Shocking Device Is Working

Now you need to put your working 9v battery into the clip so you can test. to shock, press down the button; and when you let go, it will perform the shock. to actually shock someone, or yourself, you need to have both of the prongs touching part of their skin when you let go of the button. if everything works, you are ready to put it in the case!

Step 12: Put the Button in the Case

Picture of Put the Button in the Case

First, you will need to locate a good spot to put the button. then you will need to take the drill bit for your dremel, and cut a hole there that is the right size. then you will have to glue it there with hot glue. (i just taped it there, and now i have to take it apart and redo that part)

Step 13: Close Her Up!

Picture of Close Her Up!

for this step, you will put the shocker back into the original case with the button. then you put the top back on and tape it together, or glue it if you are confident you will never open it again

Step 14: Enjoy!!!

Picture of Enjoy!!!

although this has been a long instructable, i hope some of you will try this. it's really fun to shock people. two things you should try: you get one other person to touch one of the prongs and touch your arm or other part of your body. then you touch the other prong and do the shock. you should both be able to feel it on where you are touching the prong, and where you are touching each other to close the circuit. and the other thing to try is to shock the veins/tendons on the bottom of your wrist, it should make some of your fingers twitch!


The_Doer_Of_Things (author)2016-01-20

try a 12 volt, or a car battery mwahahahaha. not on people though. add a wire or 2 to the prongs to make an emergency fire starter.

PaulC93 (author)2015-09-27

Thanks for writing this up. I just remembered making these more than 20 years ago and wondered if anyone else had the same idea. Your design is nearly identical to the one I came up with, except is used a lot more electrical tape to attach the battery to the case.

coolkids (author)2013-05-28

How does this even work transformers work only on ac voltages whereas batteries can only give dc voltages and unless you have a transistor and filter capacitor hidden somewhere it wont work

sailorondatea (author)coolkids2015-02-06

When you switch on and off it acts like AC. That is also how DC step up/down converters work. But they operate at a much higher frequency.

gearup500 (author)2014-12-30

I did a project just like this except I made a switch that turn on and off many times per second so that the arc would appear to stay the same. Mine actually made a arc about 1/4 inch long.

junits15 (author)2008-09-30

does the voltage output of the transformer matter?

Sarah86 (author)junits152009-03-12

No, the transformer is designed to take 120 v and make a low voltage with it. Basicaly is only a mater on turn in the coil. So if you take a 120/24 (most power cord use a 120/24 and then the rectfier circuit give te voltage needed), putting 9 volt on the secondary will give you a pulse of 45 volt.

oldmanbeefjerky (author)Sarah862012-09-10

actually, no, it might start as high as 500v, and drop to 0v. your multimeter might average it out to 45v though.

that logic only applies to constant AC, and its still roughly the average voltage. youde still get spikes of a hundred volts or so to begin with, though, they are so small they go unoticed.

tubbychick3n (author)junits152008-09-30

i don't think it does, but i could be wrong. if you have one that has a voltage output of 9v, i would use that one just to get the best effect.

tesla man (author)2012-06-26

Thats funny!!! I just built one that is almost exactly the same this morning!! I didnt even look at your instructable!!!

bears0 (author)2012-04-20

i always use the dead 9 volt batteries to make the battery connectors because they fit perfect and they have the solid cardboard that make them sturdy and easy to take on and off. plus they are practically free. (because you already used the battery and were going to throw it away anyways)

wqwdpxd (author)2011-06-07

one advice: use smaller battery (4,5 v flat is fine) and put it inside this thing. it makes it smaller and still gives you enought shock.

Riyouku (author)2011-02-13

Hi, nice and soimple instructable, but I have a question: is it a 220V power adaptor?

alterator (author)2008-10-21

I think it is unnecessary to tare the battery apart. you can solder leads to battery as it is.

I'm very happy, that I spotted this instructable, because I need a device @ school to prank others.... will make it with 2 leads, countdown timer (with Atmega), and fake voltmeter!! :)

A school Prank? I brought something similar to school that used a lighter ignitor and people considered it a tazer so now i have 48 days of out of school suspension and will probably fail 3rd quarter. DONT TAKE THIS TO SCHOOL!! they can consider it a weapon!

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 48 Days for that. Thats messed up.

lmao, i just took apart one of thoes lighters, and i got a few people so far ;D, but my question for the school is can voltage actually be a weapon, i mean where is the limit between weapon and electricity, schools are psycho these days :P

where are you from?? I didn't make his device, for the event @ school, to prank others.. Instead - we brought a chainsaw to school!! :D without a chain of course --- that way, we scared the crap out of "first year students" (don't know, what is the english word for them, but they are the students, which learn for the first year in that school!! )) :D

Washington State, USA, I tell you the people working for the school are damn paranoid! I think the punishment is worse because I have a history of being dangerous and unstable, but 48 days is preposterous I will miss all of 3rd quarter. How do they expect me to make up the work? Anyway where are you from because if I did the thing with the chainless chainsaw, i would probably be expelled and have a criminal charge against me.

I'm from Latvia.. :D

pyrorower (author)alterator2009-09-10

Yeah sniper, I think if you did that we would see on the news "Texas chainsaw massacre in Washington" Even though it had no chain, the story will probably somehow get morphed to the point that they say you made like a chainsaw bayonet from gears of war or something :P

PyroMonger (author)alterator2009-01-28

soldering directly onto a battery is not a very good idea! It could explode!

alterator (author)PyroMonger2009-01-29

It could. :D I haven't had any battery, which has exploded, during soldering process.

PyroMonger (author)alterator2009-01-29

Well I haven't personally seen it happen but it just doesn't seem ethical or logical to add that kind of heat directly to a battery terminal.

punkhead58 (author)PyroMonger2010-03-05

I've experienced it first-hand. (Literally, battery acid seethed out onto my hand.)
But, I personally do it all of the time, now that I know what I'm doing. The trick is in soldering the leads onto the terminals without actually touching the battery with the soldering iron. It requires good timing and copious amounts of flux.

tubbychick3n (author)alterator2008-10-21

The only reason that i tore apart that other battery is that it was dead, and i didn't have another battery clip to use. The reason that i needed the battery clip is so i can change the battery if it gets low instead of having to ruin a battery by soldering onto it every time that i need to replace it.

Chris220 (author)2009-05-09

I could do with some help! I was inspired by your project to make one of my own, so I gave it a shot. I'm pretty sure I've wired it all up correctly (I've used crocodile clips to prototype it), but I'm not getting any voltage out. At least, I'm not feeling anything when I press/release the button! Any ideas why mine might not work?

aldude999 (author)Chris2202010-06-08

some outlets have diodes in them or other step up blockers and if you cant open it up it may be useless :P

TheDeviant13 (author)Chris2202009-05-11

Did you wire what would be the low voltage side to the 9 volt and switch?

Chris220 (author)TheDeviant132009-06-20

Yep, did everything according to this instructable. The only difference really is that I'm using a UK wallwart! But I know which pins to use :P

Chris220 (author)Chris2202009-12-01

Anyone? Even after all this time, I can't get this thing to work :(

milsorgen (author)2009-12-29

 This got me thinking about Tasers and their output, in case anyone else is interested... from a Google Search:

"Taser International also says that while its device can deliver up to 50k volts, it does not deliver that much voltage to a person's body. The company says it's Advanced Taser M26 delivers an average of 1.5k volts.

As well, the high-voltage pulse of a Taser is said to carry only a small amount of current, typically 0.002 to 0.03 amps."

dragonsniper (author)2009-08-12

how bad does this hurt

Goodhart (author)dragonsniper2009-08-20

It appears that the shock comes from the instantaneous collapse of the coil voltage as the button is released. This means one will get a fairly decent surge out of it, but it will be very fast, and will fade quickly.

If a circuit was included that pulsed the DC before going into the transformer, one could achieve 110 vDC out (with a standard wall wart), but not much more. But it would be continuous AC current nonetheless. As this stands, it will pulse one swift bzzt, per button push.

Jodex (author)2009-08-11

I figured this out once when I was bored and tried to power something with a nine volt battery and then I got shocked. This really is a cool project

sysadmn (author)2008-09-18

Nice instructable, pretty impressive for a 13 yr old. If I were building this, I'd bend one of the prongs at a 90 degree angle to ensure it never got plugged into AC power. If it were, and the switch were pressed, it could get interesting.

Sarah86 (author)sysadmn2009-03-12

It will just add 9 volt DC to 9 volt AC, but since there is no resistance, the battery will take a big amount of current inside, so will the electrolytic chemical. It's gonna boil, create pressure inside the battery and the battery with become a pressure bomb. When it's will explode, it gonna spit burning chemical compound everywhere. Yeah, sure... it's very interessing to observe chemical compound burning a fresh layer of skin. Specialy if it's a young skin hehe.

tubbychick3n (author)sysadmn2008-09-18

thanks. and i might do that. but i'm pretty sure that everyone in my house knows about it and hopefully, they won't try plugging it in.

Sarah86 (author)2009-03-12

Well, that show me that you don't know how transformer work. You simply CAN'T wire a battery directly on a transformer. Why.. because you need AC current to make the trasformer work. A least you could add an oscillator to your circuit, but the transformer is too big for that. The battery will die in a matter of a few shock.

Sarah86 (author)Sarah862009-03-12

I check it again and I see now that you use a button on the transformer. That's okay. What you're doing is a pulse, and its work the same way as a car starter. The pulse is too short to use any amount of current, that's why your battery still work fine.

tubbychick3n (author)Sarah862009-03-12

Well, apparently i got lucky, because i used that battery for probably over a hundred shocks and it still is not dead.

Crackhead 210 (author)2008-12-26

they do have 9 volt battery holders at radioshack for like 2 dollars

i know, but i already had a dead one so i figured that i might as well make myself one for free.

ReCreate (author)2008-12-19

OUCH i tried this on myself and i ended up hitting myself(some sort of human reflexes)

ReCreate (author)ReCreate2008-12-19

i tried it with a tiny coin cell battery and it feels like a massage(not message massage)...ahhhhh not doing it again though

ReCreate (author)2008-12-19

you dont have to murder the battery there is a way of removing the case while you can spare everything even the metal case

ReCreate (author)ReCreate2008-12-19

also what if you had enough space in the transformer's box to put the battery inside?

tubbychick3n (author)2008-09-01

oh, and just so you guys know, i'm only thirteen, and have very very little knowledge of electronics. i've never taken any classes or things like that. i just know how to solder and was playing around with one of these one day. then i decided to add the switch in just to make it easier.

guyfrom7up (author)tubbychick3n2008-09-03

age is no excuse, I'm only 14 (started doing serious electronics when I was about 13 and a half) haha

tubbychick3n (author)guyfrom7up2008-09-03

well, i realize that age is no excuse. but i have almost no electronic knowlage what so ever. i hardly know how to wire a switch (as you can tell from my instructable)

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