I was getting  Stinkin' tired of worthless non-working "knex fragmentation grenades". So, i decided to try and build my own. This is the result. 

****** JUST A REMINDER  ******

This variation of this grenade was made by me, and me only. I spent almost a whole hour searching to see if there were any Knex grenades like this, and the only one i found was Fred Da Bunny's variation. 

Fred Da Bunny

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces

Obtain the following pieces:

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tedbear22 years ago
can you post the instructions for the dog, I nearly have enough pieces, then I'm gonna unleash it on the whole of England
Blox1352462 years ago
It blew but I couldn't find most of the gray pieces. :(
bboy3213212 years ago
I got my face ripped off
knexguy2372 years ago
if u look closely, the dog looks like it wants to break the camera
kingknex6 years ago
im having trouble making the dog
you don't make the dog idoit, lol
It's a joke, you know.

I know

I know
~Meme~ kingknex3 years ago
duke01423 years ago
Dude, this thing is awesome!
I threw it at my brother.
I T W A S S O F U N N Y.
kburesh6 years ago
I made this what are you talking about. just kidding
no i made it before all of you i built it 200 B.C.
Oh yeah! Well um i kinda like built it in er um 300 B.C!
I built it 301 B.C.
Well I built it in 2067 we now have robot slaves...
pff i made it 100 years before the earth was created puh XD
wow your cool. Nice pic though.
needles3006 years ago
through that grenade at that dog!!
that is so mean!! I hope u wouldn't
dude, its knex...
hitting the dog with a knex grenade........really? just really?
WHY?!?!?! WHY WOULD YOU HURT SUCH A POOR PUPPY??? WHY!??-oh wait, did you say k'nex?? :D
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
take the orange cons off the ends and whip it at some one/thing and it will go all over the place not really frag grenade, but it would work better than this does
sythe511 (author)  ILIKEPIE3335 years ago
If that idea works better, than you obviously didn't do it right...
I dont really care, I never built it
knex grenades never work and are a pointless waste of pieces
If you want to hit something with knex, make a gun
u culd just attackdem with a rod.....
sythe511 (author)  ILIKEPIE3335 years ago
 I am going to put a video up showing how to properly use this grenade. it was not designed for full scale wars, its just fun to use as a concept. 



Actually, i have seen some lego guns that totally own the best knex guns on the internet. Lego can be used to make much more realistic guns, and knex can be more powerful.

toatally rox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know, go to mocpages.com
Ojsmudge4 years ago
but it will rip your face of
throwing it at the dog would be fun
u r u crule person... >: (
most of the grenades that are posted on instructables dont work that well. i`m gad that somebody FINALLY came up with the same grenade as me. this kind of grenade is easy to make, has a huge blast radius, and has a pin. their awesome
i made up a grenade just like this, but it wasn`t as long and it contained blue spacers not greys. i thought nobody else had made one like me. i made mine sometime in october 2010
Nice. one of the best grenades on the site.
mberg5 years ago
when i threw mine, i lost 4 spacers
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