Introduction: A/D Converter With MCP3428 and Rasberry Pi

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The tutorial below shows how to read the ADC values from the MCP3428 16-Bit, Multi-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converter with I2C Interface from and the Raspberry Pi using Java.

Hardware Required : Raspberry pi , I2C adapter , MCP3428 board , A cell , Connecting wires , I2C cables

You can find the I2C adapter , MCP3428 board and I2C cables at

Check the video at :

Step 1: Make Connections

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Connect I2C adapter over GPIO pins on Raspberry pi and press it.

As it gets fixed connect a I2C cable with I2C adapter and MCP3428 board.

Step 2: Connect MCP3428 and Cell

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Connect the MCP3428 with connecting wire to Channel 1 on MCP3428 board.

Connect the wires to cell and MCP3428 channel 1 as depicted.

Step 3: Run the Program

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  • Run the Program from command line and see the cell voltage displayed in terminal.

Voltage of the cell will be displayed on terminal.

Code for python and java can be found here

Instructions to run code are provided in code comments.

Do try this at home ;)


RohitS12 (author)2016-02-26

Hey, The code is not available in the link you posted here. Could you repost it?

Thank you

ryker1990 (author)RohitS122016-02-27

hi rohit ,

I have uploaded the codes again. You can also check them at :

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