Referring back to the first photo...

Attach the Base Plate to the kayak first using the existing forward strap. Some experimentation with the strap length adjustment will allow you to just snap the buckle together while causing the strap to firmly hold the front of the Deck Plate in place.

Use heavy-duty Nylon tie-wraps to secure the factory installed eyelets of the kayak to the holes in the Deck Plate that they line up with. Pull the tie-wraps tight. The Deck Plate should now feel pretty firmly attached to the kayak.

By now, you will have semi-permanently mounted the aluminum Boom Brackets to the Deck Plate centered along the center-line of the Deck Plate and at the exact width of the Boom.

Secure the thick end of the Boom into the Boom Bracket and let the Boom rest on the Support pin in the lowered position. Place the unfeathered Paddle onto the Paddle lock and posiiton it exactly perpendicular to the centerline of the kayak as shown. Roll the paddle such that the blades are exactly perpendicular to the ground. Also, position the paddle such that it is centered left and right with the Boom and not the swivel-caster. Securely duct-tape the paddle to the Paddle Lock, wrapping first in one direction, then in the other as required to maintain the blades perfectly perpendicular to the ground.

Note that the perpendicular orientation of the blades to the water is essential to keep the blades from diving or climbing during the paddle stroke.
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