Check my El Diablo Assualt Pistol R-45

This is my Heavy Assault Weapon!
It has a staggering power that will knock you out of your boots!
The range is about 100 ft with the normal bullet.
It has a shoulder support and the very reliable ratchet system.
Don't have any words left so i'll just tell some pros and cons.

-Insane power!
-Looks awesome.
-Scares anyone instantly (especially your mom).
-Strong body
-Good range
-Ratchet system

-Takes long to build
-Learning to reload is hard

You likey?
Let's get to building then, shall we?

ONCE AGAIN, NEVER FIRE THIS AT ANY LIVING THING (Exluding Justin Bieber as he is the son of Satan.)!!!


-It passed the 4 star barrier (once).

Step 1: The Slingshot

This part is just for some extra fun
a little slingshot with reasonable power
The trigger is located on the back of the frame.

Step 2: Sides for Wheels

These parts come in handy, since they make the frame sturdier.

Build this part 2 times

Step 3: Barrel

This part is too let the bullet come out straight of the barrel.

Step 4: Top

This part is for a more sturdy barrel.
If this is not built and not attached to the gun when you try firing, boy are you in serious trouble then

Step 5: Wheels

These are for an easier pullback of the bands and a stronger barrel.

Step 6: Front Barrel

This part is for a more steady shot that goes out straight.

Step 7: Sides

The sides for the barrel.

Step 8: The Rear

This part is for a more sturdy frame.

Step 9: Bars (1)

Strength bars

Step 10: Bars (2)

Strength Bars.
Build this two times.

Step 11: Bars (3)

Strength Bars.
Build this 2 times.

Step 12: Bars (4)

Strength Bars.

Step 13: Scope Thingy

I don't know why i put this on the top, but it just looked cool.
It is not required.

Step 14: The Rubberbands

These are 5 royal postal rubberbands tied together.
Make 2 of them.

Step 15: The Top of the Rear

This part is for more strength.

Step 16: Bullet

This is the original bullet designed purely for destruction.

Step 17: Strength Bars

This one is for a sturdy frame.

Step 18: Shoulder Rest

This part is too have a steady base when you are carrying it around.

Step 19: Trigger and Handle

This part is too hold back the rubberbands, and too have a firm grip onto the gun.

Step 20: Bi-Pod

This is not an actual bi-pod, but it gives some support when you put it down.

Step 21: Assembly (1)

The pictures speak for themselves.
If you have a question, post you're problem on my orangeboard.

(I made the assembly in several steps because, the computer would stop when i wanted to upload all at once)


Step 22: Assembly (2)

The pictures speak for themselves.
If you have a question, post you're problem on my orangeboard.

Rear + Barrel

Step 23: Assembly (accesories)

An accesorie for a steady shot (bi-pod), or when you put it down it has a steady base.

Cannon Completed:
Vie step 24 for loading.

Step 24: (Re)loading

This is pretty hard and will require some skills
and a bit of training won't harm you either

-Pull back the rubberbands (you can get a grip at the blue rod squares)

-Get the bullet

-Slide it down the barrel


Small Slingshot:

-Get the bullet

-Pull back the rubberbands

-Slide in the yellow rod


Step 25: You're Done!!!

Well you've built yourself one of the biggest guns on Instructables:
The A.D.U Bazooka 1040

Have freaking much fun!!!
if we make a hell of a lot of these, WE CAN DESTROY ALL THE JB LOVES MAHAHAHAHA
a birds eye view picture would be great thanks<br>
Is this optional? :D
Lol, never
can i use the barrel of this in my cannon?<br>
If you do that, you must realize. You're basically using a key part from another creator, that way it's more like a huge mod then anything else. <br> <br>But sure, if you want to
no offence but what I'm building is just using the design from this barrel, because i couldn't build a barrel that wouldn't just explode when i fired
Re-read my reply, you didn't get my point.
i really can't tell what u have to do here
i might make a gun with your trigger and Handel but ill give you credit
Okay, fair enough
just rebuilt it and now it is better
Good :3
it blew up yesterday
I made this AWSOME!!! buzooka, but my only con is that Ihave not been able to find royal postal rubber bands!
hoe herlaad je de bazooka en kunner er ook tennisballen in voor mijn hond?
when i made this gun i fired it and it blew up in my face
finly someone understands that justin bebier is satiatins son
i did not relize how big this was till i finnished making it. dannng!!!!!!!
Lmao, yeah you can't really see the scale of it properly, that is true sadly. Anyways, enjoy your new asset! <br>:)
Would #64 bands work? If not where do I get the royal mail postal bands?
I think you can't use 64#'s on this. They dont stretch enough, i think it might snap the barrel in half. <br>I got the mail bands from my mom, who (used to) deliver mail. Lol
I actually tried the number 64s and the first couple shots the wheels came off. After maybe 20 shots or so it started working great! I think the rubber bands got more steched out or something. Great gun! I like the little slingshot :)
Yeah that's probably it. Lol, you're the second to mention the miniture slingshot. Lmao
Video plox?
Read beyond the top ten comments ''plox''?
Oh, sorry. I've actually seen that video before too. I guess i forgot :P
<br>Can you give a piece count because I want to know if I have enough to build this beast
what is the rachet system
Retype this question in a different way because this is quite inaccurate. Cheers
dam you make such good Instructables
Was that sarcasm or real? If real, thanks :P
&nbsp;dont put a target in front of a ps2!
Lolz, it was just to show ;)
it was real<br />
i made your gun and it blew up after i shot it for the first time i built it just like the pics
me and my friend built this it is amzing alot of parts tho but exact range was 127 feet with a strand of 6 #64 bands almost 200 with 8 # 84 bands so in other words its a beast and if you like i can post a vid on youtube of it and it fireing
&nbsp;no offence, but this doesnt deserve #1 spot. im not a hater, so i didnt rate. i actually dont know what to rate so..... yea... i didnt rate at all<br /> <br /> but iac's cannon is 100000000000000000000000000 times better<br />
It doesnt matter if IAC's cannon is 100000000000000000000000000 times better. This is SO much more piece efficient and even though the bullet is smaller, it still shoots as far as IAC's cannon. But the low piece count substitutes for the small bullet.<br /> <br />
&nbsp;i was still a newb back then!!
&quot;i was still a newb back then!!&quot;<br /> <br /> That suggests that you were, and still are, a noob.
0wn3d.<br />
even though IAC's cannon is 1000000000000000000 times better, it isn't a fair comparison since there's 5 versions of that same cannon.
even though IAC's cannon is 100000000000000000000000000000 times better, it isn't really a fair comparison since there are 5 versions of that same cannon.
Hiyadudez, knexfreek is no noob,you are no noob, i am a noob
T-t-t-that's a b-b-bullet???????
no it's toilet paper, actually it's a shell.

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