This is a build like my other builds, the most cost effective way to make something that doesn't need a huge workshop. In this case, a prop Laser Pistol from the game Fallout 3. (also appears in Fallout New Vegas)

The most expense parts of this build will be the paint as the rest of the Build Is done with Foamies Foam,(6mm and 2mm), Foam Board, plastic from a bucket, an empty gift card, some threaded lamp parts, two different sized dowels and a few other miscellaneous items.

I did not take meticulous measurements.I didn't take dimensions from the game, I just made it as well as I could from eyeballing In game pictures. A bit of trial and error and the fact I threw one of these together for last Halloween. I had a lot of mental notes on what I did not like about that build. These notes I incorporated into this build and it took three times as long. Part of that was taking nearly 150 progress pictures. The rest was making templates and building the thing. I had a few problems along the way. I got angry at Gimp and my printer, because when I used Gimp and set the measurement to inches or millimeters when I then printed the template it was still messed up. I messed around for a while before just throwing a 1 inch by 1 inch index mark on the templates. So if you print it out out the index square does not measure up you will need to adjust the printer

On a side note this build actually changed a bit due right during the process due to the Laser competition. I will go into those changes the last few pages. I'm mentioning this in case you notice something off from a previous picture.

If your interested in the build please leave a comment, or any suggestions.

Anyways on to the build.


Step 1: Tools and Materials.

Box Knife ( I prefer a folding version) You can use a X-acto knife too but you will go through a lot of blades. Or just use both.)
At least 10 Spare blades
Cutting mat
Contact cement or rubber cement ( I suggest Elmer's Rubber cement. it seems to have  less fumes.)
Hot Glue Gun
At least 10 extra sticks of glue
Accurate Ruler (seriously this is mandatory. A lot of rulers are printed wrong. Check it out with a good tape measure. Nothing worse than measuring out an inch with one device only to find out later it was really 13/16 of an inch.)
Tape Measure
Rotary Tool (I use a Black & Decker Wizard with the Flex shaft)
Small sanding Barrel (medium grit)
Medium Sanding Barrel (medium Grit)
Fiberglass cut off disk (Not for actually cutting anything but for utilizing as a platform to spin and form round items)
Assorted Pliers
1/4' drill bit
3/8' drill bit
3/16' drill bit
Drill (I use a cordless)
Sandpaper (fine and medium grit)

Wide finger nail file (a foam core one as it's more flexible. Or c.p .)
Long Tweezers
I used my Daughters origami square. its a calibrated piece of clear acrylic. Works great for cutting exact lines on the foam board.

Assorted Threaded Lamp Rods and accessories.
I used:
6', 1 1/8, and a 2inch piece.
2 knurled brass nuts
4 or so regular nuts
2 couplers
6 7/8' washer

1/4' dowel
38' dowel

1 used up plastic gift card...(it's a stiff 1mm plastic)
Boiling water.
Chunk of plastic from a square bucket
Sharpie Cap

Panel Cap
small orange wire nut

1 piece of 110 lb card stock.
6mm Foamies brand foam
2mm Foam
Foam Board (you want the dense craft foam not the cheaper poster mount stuff.


Krylon Fusion Gray (This is what I wanted but My local hardware store was out so got Rust-oleum Gray Primer. since it was the closest match. NOTE: DO NOT USE THE RUST-OLEUM It cracks way to easy. Find the Grey Krylon Fusion.
Krylon Camoflage. Its almost olive drab so the closest I could find to the in game color
Silver Paint ( I did not use the krylon paint shown in the picture. Instead I used Rust-oleum American Accents silver and a brush.)
Yellow Paint (Krylon accents again.)
Painters Tape
small wide paint brush

Plasti Dip Spray on for the handle.

'Scavenge material' In step 3 should be 'Prospect material'
Toe-mate-o, Toe-maught-o
Do you just use your dremel to cut out the screw holes? and if you do, what kind of bit do you use?
I just commented about tracables<br><br>didn't look far enough <br><br>I can just take the blueprints and print them out in open office or something right and will it be actual size when I print them out?
I put 1 inch squares on the templates....If you print it out and it's not 1 inch then you need to adjust the print size. Either in a graphics program or with your printer...some have the option of printing a % of the original size.<br>
i like this, but it could use some dirty marks not just dry brushed silver. so try and add some darkened dirtiness to it :D
There is more weathering than shows up in the pictures. I believe I took the last few pictures before I did all the weathering stages. I did silver then shoe polish then silver again then touched up with some darker paints. The Camera did not pick it up well so didn't post the pictures.<br>
yea, wish you had pictures of that. Some distressing is hard to do considering the materials, but you could sand down the paint a little with high grit sand paper then touch it up by dabbing paint onto the area's. (but im sure this technique requires like a bondo surface, or something or other thats forged metal like)
I find the easiest method to make something grimy is different colors of show polish. Black and brown. It's basically a colored spreadable wax. Can be applied with fingers, brushes, boot brushes or rags. You can touch up later with paints if needed but I Kinda want the effect the shoe polish gives.<br>
Does any kind of foam board work? Cause I found I had 3 sheets of 3 mm foam, all 11.5 inches by 47 inches. I figured 2 was close enough to 3, and 3+3=6 so I think it will work, and its just white foam, without paper.<br><br>Also, Will hot glue work instead of rubber cement? I consider myself comfortably skilled in hot gluing, Im almost done with my pepukura MC helmet, and its looking great, and I dont have any rubber cement, and have never used it.
Foam Core is not the same as craft foam. The Foam Core Bored I was talking about in the substructure has paper on both sides of a rigid foam. The Foam Core is very stiff and makes a really good substructures. You can use other things. some people use cardboard. Like layered Cereal Box Cardboard. Not the corrugated stuff.<br><br>As to the craft foam. The reason I used the two different thicknesses is because it defined the edges of the pieces. You Could use different sizes if you want but you will need to adjust your dimensions for the size differnce. The best way to figure this out is to just do it. Learn from the experience. Learn from the mistakes you make along the way. Check out Wasteland Outpost there are a few builds there that you could get inspiration from. Or The RPF forums. Both you need to show you want to be an active member by getting 10-20 post counts up before you can see the whole site. If you want a visiual. Look At Indy Moguls Backyard FX video on the 30 cal machine gun. It's a sweet build using the Foam floor mats.
Havent gotten to read the whole thing yet, probably wont well, this morning at least, its 4:15 so yea..... But from what im seeing its great. I think I will actually build this somtime this summer, I got time for it. Gotta finish master cheif helmet first though. This looks great though. Its smaller so its not super hard and easy to store.<br><br>I do find foam as an odd material. But it looks good. That made me think of somthing- is it really light? like light enough that you might want to put lead weights in it?
Since this is a large build I went a head and made a video sideshow of the build. It's 4 minutes so shouldn't take as long to watch for folks who would rather not read the whole build.
Foam is coming into popularity. Craft foam, Foam fatigue Mats. The Rolled sleeping mats.Look up Vulpin Props. Or EvilFX armor builds With google.
Yes it is light. I made the original one as a haloween prop. But wanted one a little better after that so made some changes. I Don't know about lead weight. It's heavy enough that it's not like holding one of those foam fingers. Yet light enough It didn't bother me much to carry around
I'm currently working on a Sketch Up Model for this that I will throw on when I'm done as well.

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