A.E.T. - Arm Extension Thingi





Introduction: A.E.T. - Arm Extension Thingi

I like to make pictures from unnormal angles and i'm very lazy, thats why i builded the A.E.T. (Arm Extension Thingi)
Or lets say an alpha version of it.

Oh, this is my first instructable and english ain't my native language and chrome underlined avery word, so sorry for the writing mistakes...

Step 1:

For the first version i decided to use a folding shovel, because it has a near perfect size and form and a good handle. It's good to hold a heavier weight and in another step i can adapt the remote control perfectly.

I cuted the most of the shovel away.

Step 2:

After cutting came the bending and i fixed a piece of wood with screws to the shovel.

Step 3:

At the end i added an extra adapter from my tripod for an easy and quick release of the camera.

As soon as i make some pictures with it, i will post them here...



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