Step 9: Attach Laser Housing to Gun

Attach the laser housing to the gun as shown.
Out of all the components I have scavenged from old electronic junk I have, like old printers, there is always small DC motors left that should do the trick with battery power or simply use an old power supply. That should do it to turn the disk, but I wonder, if you could use a bigger laser? I know safety would be an issue here, but it could make for a cool basement project.<br><br>Dan
wow this is cool
cool!<br> you should add a motot insted of the drill :)
Thank you :)<br>I thought about making a motor system, which s definitely a possible project modification for the future., but I ultimately choose a drill for a few reasons:<br>1. Almost everyone owns a drill, making this project more accessible.<br>2. A drill chuck allows for different sized dowel rods, people might not have dowel rods of the same size lying around (I didn't), which cuts down on total project cost.<br>and<br>3. The drill is an all in one package that requires no extra materials, and can be used for its original purpose simply by removing the dowel rod from the chuck.
I would suggest using a small motor from something like, the plant turner device you see online? it is a small 6 volt motor that turns slowly. the drill you'd have to sit and hold the trigger, right?<br><br>
The drill motor is variable speed :) <br>Feel free to modify my plans, I'd love to see what you can create!
A college roommate in the late 70s had a simpler method which automatically synched with music.<br> <br> He glued a small mirror onto a speaker which in turn was attached to a music source. Aim a stationary laser at the mirror and crank-up the tunes. He used a salvaged 8&quot; or 10&quot; woofer and may have left the crossover in the circuit so only the bass notes went to the speaker, generating a lissajous pattern or something similar on the wall or ceiling. I honestly don't really remember how well it worked.<br> <br> Lasers were not something individuals owned back then as they were big (perhaps 10&quot;x10&quot;x20&quot;) and expensive so all he could do was set it up in a physics lab one time. Now you can have the same thing on a keychain for $5 and it's a toy for a cat.
Interesting idea, you should make an instructable about it!
LOVE the speaker jiggles the laser idea....
You might consider a cordless screw driver. A little more portable and easier to power.
That could probably work, I choose the drill because it has a chuck to attach the dowel rod to. About the portability, you can use a cordless drill, any drill really, I just had my corded one out at the time.
Awesome! I'm going to put something like this together for light effects come halloween. Excellent instructable.
Thank you very much, message me if you have any questions, I'll be sure to help

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