An efficient and real time remote monitoring of agricultural environmental parameters is proposed. The system uses a WSN network from where the data is acquired from sensor nodes and it is transmitted through the wireless transmission protocol, Zigbee from the source node to the sink node Zigbee, this acquired data by the Zigbee which is in packet form is processed by the microcontroller and the collected data is uploaded to the cloud and the processed data are displayed through a mobile android application in a graphical form which makes interpretation of data easier. Keywords: WSN, Zigbee, cloud, Mobile android application.

Step 1: Hardware Requirements

Following are the components required to complete this project

1.Arduino Uno

2. XBee S2

3. LDR

4. LM35

5. Humidity

6. Soil Moisture

Step 2: Software Requirements

We used three softwares to complete the project

1. Arduino IDE

2. X - ctu

3. Blynk App

Step 3: Working Model

Images above are used to obtain the result.

Nice project and thx for Sharing
<p>Great DIY monitoring system</p>

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