Introduction: AIR BLOWER DIY

make your own air blower

Step 1: Materials

few candy sticks


dc motor



battery connector

Step 2: Mount the Holder to the Battery

Step 3: Using Gum Tape Fix the Candy Stick to Battery

Step 4: Connect Switch and Motor to Battery

Step 5: Place the Motor in Between Candy Sticks

Step 6: Fix the Fan to Motor Shaft

Step 7: Push the Switch to Make Sure It Works

Step 8: Building Air Passage

polystyrene cup with base cut

cylinder formed from plastic bottle

Step 9: Join Them Together

Step 10: To Make It Sturdy Fix Another Candy Candy Stick Perpendicular

Step 11: The Fan Is Fixed in Place

Step 12: Air Blower Is Ready for the Working Check Video


WilliamL219 made it!(author)2017-02-04

"Blower" usually refers to a fan with a high static pressure created by its centrifugal air movement. This is more aptly described as a "ducted fan", as it's still a standard radial fan, but with a duct.

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