A water feature being out of my price range and always looking for an excuse to use my home built cnc I came up with this garden decorating idea.

Step 1:

   First I came up with a simple fish design I created in sketchup mostly using the arc tool.I then converted the design to a DXF file using a freebie sketchup pluggin from guitar-list.com and imported it into a trial version of CamBam to create the machining operations.
<p>We printed on our flatbed printer using coroplast, and contour cut on our flatbed routing table. Used welding rod through the flutes in the plastic and insert them into a future potted fern, at differnt heights and varying directions.</p>
<p>We printed color using ou rflatbed printer on coroplast, and contour cut on our Colex flatbed cutter/router. I used welding rod to stick through the flutes in the corrugated plastic, and will use the welding rods to stick the fish into a potted fern, in various directions at various heights. Just a different spin on a good idea.</p>
Very nice idea - looks great!

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