this is a compact sturdy aisoft gernade. it is simple and cheap. it is illegal in some states. so don't get caught. it isn't very dangerous, but it should require eye protection. i wouldn't pick it up. that would really hurt.

Step 1: Materials

match box
corn kernals
bottle cap
chinese visco fuse
hot glue gun
electical tape
tin foil
a 2 inch wide peice of pipe
a container of some sort
order it off cannonfuse.com. it is cheep and easy, and legal in all 50 states
Ok, not to sound ignorant or anything, but I don't care how many states it's legal in, I live in Canada. No offence, but I'm getting sort of tired of people assuming everyone on the internet lives in the U.S.
i would guess you could buy it in canada, but the company that sells the fuse is located in montana, so if you live near the border i guess you could just drive down there
as long as you only buy say one roll of fuse they wont be suspicious but if you order tubes and plugs and everything else all at once they'll think your making m-80s or something.
<p>..... or making a rocket motor yah dingus</p><p>tubes and plugs can be used for various things and not just salutes</p>
I guess i could, I live near Toronto, so pretty close to the border. I'll see if cannonfuse.com will ship it to me. Ok, well thanks for the 'ible!
But every 1 does?? phaha
im british <br>
Dude calm down. The majority of use are American, so we assume other people are in the US. Don't blame us for that. You could have specified that you were in Canada, but you didn't.
well u suck<br>
And, WHY is that?
What if I only have strike-anywhere matches?
those work ok, but the other type works better
If you use strike-anywheres, you can wrap a pice of sandpaper around them instead of a match striker. Also, ground matcheads are more effective than visco fuse as an explosive. Cool 'ible by the way! ^^
better have a a more good and nice in inition
Sweet!!! How well does the pull pin work?
why wouldnt you use airsoft bb's?
Corns cheaper, and you're not wasting ammo you could shoot.
but you are wasting corn you could eat. use pebbles.
I blame people like you for those stupid warnings on things: warning do not place bag over head warning do not eat chlorine tablets warning rubber ducky is not a real life saving device
look man, i just dont want to here some kid ductaped one of these to his eye and went blind. or at least i don't want to be blamed for it
Hey ummm I sort of duct taped 8 all together and then tapes it to my mouth, because I thought the heat would pop the popcorn and I wouldnt have to use the microwave. Luckily it only slit the inside of my throat and now I have severe blood loss and could die!! (just kidding)
LOL!<br />
me? i wasnt talking to you i was talking to panda, he said put pebbles in it! lol
so you mean all those years i was eating chlorine tablets with a plastic bag over my head and was trying to use a rubber ducky as a life raft i wasnt supossed to do that?
instead of popcorn kernals csn we use real airsoft bbs?thanks!!!!
Make a cideo on how it works
Do any of the popcorn kernels pop when the thing explodes? That would be great! You would have a deadly weapon, and a convenient snack!
dude thats amazing hehe um now just how much weed did u smoke?
All of it
No the corn wouldn't explode. Popcorn takes a slower, lower temp heat to pop.
maybe if you had some corn oil
Will this go off in my hand or can i throw it like a real grenade?
you can throw it. it shouldn't go off for at least five seconds.
Oh well crap, you need to be pretty fast then, (not me lol)
The box of pain in the second pic is pretty scary. I don't want to go into your garage.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &lt;.&lt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &gt;.&gt;
that's paint, but a box of pain is pretty funny.
Yeah, I know. But a box of pain makes him seem like s serial killer or something of that sort. In any case a box of PAIN is more dramatic.
A canister of PAIN is probably worse.
Wuts the purpose of the bottle cap? And where does the fuse go when the cap is on?
Hey like the ible. I was wondering, where can i buy the fuse, and does the container explode? If not, what is the container for?
you can buy the fuse at cannonfuse.com and ship it anywhere in the us. what do you mean by container?
nevermind. The container is for the cut up fuse.
It says in step 1 &quot;a container of some sort&quot;. What is that for?
to catch the fuse you cut up
If I was to use black powder as a explosive, how many grains would I need to use? <br>I use Goex FF

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