Picture of AIRSOFT GRENADE: with pull pin
this is a compact sturdy aisoft gernade. it is simple and cheap. it is illegal in some states. so don't get caught. it isn't very dangerous, but it should require eye protection. i wouldn't pick it up. that would really hurt.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
match box
corn kernals
bottle cap
chinese visco fuse
hot glue gun
electical tape
tin foil
a 2 inch wide peice of pipe
a container of some sort
JamesTB135 years ago
hairydevil (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
order it off cannonfuse.com. it is cheep and easy, and legal in all 50 states
Ok, not to sound ignorant or anything, but I don't care how many states it's legal in, I live in Canada. No offence, but I'm getting sort of tired of people assuming everyone on the internet lives in the U.S.
hairydevil (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
i would guess you could buy it in canada, but the company that sells the fuse is located in montana, so if you live near the border i guess you could just drive down there
as long as you only buy say one roll of fuse they wont be suspicious but if you order tubes and plugs and everything else all at once they'll think your making m-80s or something.

..... or making a rocket motor yah dingus

tubes and plugs can be used for various things and not just salutes

I guess i could, I live near Toronto, so pretty close to the border. I'll see if cannonfuse.com will ship it to me. Ok, well thanks for the 'ible!
But every 1 does?? phaha
im british
Dude calm down. The majority of use are American, so we assume other people are in the US. Don't blame us for that. You could have specified that you were in Canada, but you didn't.
wvill JamesTB135 years ago
well u suck
JamesTB13 wvill5 years ago
And, WHY is that?
JamesTB135 years ago
What if I only have strike-anywhere matches?
hairydevil (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
those work ok, but the other type works better
If you use strike-anywheres, you can wrap a pice of sandpaper around them instead of a match striker. Also, ground matcheads are more effective than visco fuse as an explosive. Cool 'ible by the way! ^^
better have a a more good and nice in inition
Himers1 year ago
Sweet!!! How well does the pull pin work?
Pyro_Freak6 years ago
why wouldnt you use airsoft bb's?
Corns cheaper, and you're not wasting ammo you could shoot.
but you are wasting corn you could eat. use pebbles.
I blame people like you for those stupid warnings on things: warning do not place bag over head warning do not eat chlorine tablets warning rubber ducky is not a real life saving device
hairydevil (author)  dabombmaker6 years ago
look man, i just dont want to here some kid ductaped one of these to his eye and went blind. or at least i don't want to be blamed for it
Hey ummm I sort of duct taped 8 all together and then tapes it to my mouth, because I thought the heat would pop the popcorn and I wouldnt have to use the microwave. Luckily it only slit the inside of my throat and now I have severe blood loss and could die!! (just kidding)
me? i wasnt talking to you i was talking to panda, he said put pebbles in it! lol
so you mean all those years i was eating chlorine tablets with a plastic bag over my head and was trying to use a rubber ducky as a life raft i wasnt supossed to do that?
mo5 pandaboy2926 years ago
goldedrago3 years ago
instead of popcorn kernals csn we use real airsoft bbs?thanks!!!!
Aron3133 years ago
Make a cideo on how it works
Do any of the popcorn kernels pop when the thing explodes? That would be great! You would have a deadly weapon, and a convenient snack!
dude thats amazing hehe um now just how much weed did u smoke?
All of it
No the corn wouldn't explode. Popcorn takes a slower, lower temp heat to pop.
hairydevil (author)  chocowubbles6 years ago
maybe if you had some corn oil
stormz765 years ago
Will this go off in my hand or can i throw it like a real grenade?
hairydevil (author)  stormz765 years ago
you can throw it. it shouldn't go off for at least five seconds.
Oh well crap, you need to be pretty fast then, (not me lol)
axel nader5 years ago
The box of pain in the second pic is pretty scary. I don't want to go into your garage.                        <.<       >.>
that's paint, but a box of pain is pretty funny.
Yeah, I know. But a box of pain makes him seem like s serial killer or something of that sort. In any case a box of PAIN is more dramatic.
A canister of PAIN is probably worse.
PJPEEJ4 years ago
Wuts the purpose of the bottle cap? And where does the fuse go when the cap is on?
PJPEEJ4 years ago
Hey like the ible. I was wondering, where can i buy the fuse, and does the container explode? If not, what is the container for?
hairydevil (author)  PJPEEJ4 years ago
you can buy the fuse at cannonfuse.com and ship it anywhere in the us. what do you mean by container?
nevermind. The container is for the cut up fuse.
It says in step 1 "a container of some sort". What is that for?
hairydevil (author)  PJPEEJ4 years ago
to catch the fuse you cut up
Orro4 years ago
If I was to use black powder as a explosive, how many grains would I need to use?
I use Goex FF
ilpug Orro4 years ago
probably very little. i don't know the exact amount of a grain, but i would'nt use much more than an eighth of a teaspoon.
BADWOLF16 years ago
can u use bbs or airsoft bbs instead of popcorn??
hairydevil (author)  BADWOLF16 years ago
yeah, but i don't like wasting bbs
use used bbs
you know exactly what the kid means, it is a great idea for the environment and is a hell of a lot cheaper(i have 300 acres of corn fields so one ear is worh about .2 cents ) No one will know when they are getting hit with them
(YOUR N4 years ago
arsome 5 star
stormz764 years ago
my friend and i just finished construction of this last night.....it only took us about half an hour. We will test it out next weekend and if we can ill post video
dont be like me and use tacks, and 3 firecrackers
hairydevil (author)  Thelonelysandwitch6 years ago
i tried this with nails. i had one stick into my arm
I had 3 tacks in my leg and 2 in my arm
hairydevil (author)  Thelonelysandwitch6 years ago
Wow. Every time I see your comments, it's something dangerous you have done lol.
I have done some crazy things in my life. the rest of my life is somewhat boring though.
it balances out.
i love invader zim
Me to XD
IX Smith XI6 years ago
Is the corn kernels are like the bbs or their something to do with the corn kernels.
hairydevil (author)  IX Smith XI6 years ago
the corn kernals just replace the bbs, but bbs work fine. corn is just cheaper.
and then after it goes off look around for pop corn then eat it insta popcorn
Whats the corn kurnles for?
generally, you use dried peas or something similar as they are biodegradable, where BBs are near impossible to dispose of naturally.
Actually, BBs are completely biodegradable.
hairydevil (author)  kibbler6 years ago
like after 500 years
Sorry, but WRONG!!!!! BBs biodegrade in about, say, 1 year. The biodegradeables go in about the next time it rains. (lol)
iBurn kibbler5 years ago
Actually you're wrong. Plastic can't biodegrade. It photodegrades, meaning the sun breaks it down into smaller and smaller pieces, all of which are still plastic.
hairydevil (author)  kibbler6 years ago
yeah but corn is a lot cheaper
Yes, perhaps long after we're dead. Most BBs are ABS plastic, the stuff in football helmets and such. Plastics do not degrade easily at all, and take an extremely long time to break down. That is the reason some brands make biodegradable BBs. After being shot, they degrade into powder that is easier to biodegrade. However, since they may be brittle, they do not work well in all guns and may damage some. They also should be used right after opening the package, or they will start to break down.
hairydevil (author)  John_2346 years ago
i normally use those, but didn't have any
dude, seriusly, he's just a farmer, trying to effeciently plant his fields, thats all.
that is actually a good idea
lol fun farming!
inplace of bb's
hairydevil (author)  Awsome Fairy6 years ago
i just use corn kernals in place of bbs, but bbs work just as well. corn kernals are alot cheaper
mr. clean5 years ago
its better to buy from cannonfuse.com becasuse they are a thousand times cheaper and u get more fuse. but they only sell to the U.S. i think.
hairydevil (author)  mr. clean5 years ago
yeah its real cheap
I am Silas.5 years ago
Why don't you use Black-powder? Silas
Because some people don't have access to black powder. Seriously, you couldn't work that out no your own?
iBurn avwos5 years ago
 I agree with Silas. If you're going to use explosives in an airsoft game you might as well go the whole 9 yards.
hairydevil (author)  iBurn5 years ago
the stuff in the fuse is the same as black powder
hairydevil (author)  I am Silas.5 years ago
the stuff in the fuse is black powder
why corn kernals? why not bbs?
hairydevil (author)  airsoftninja5 years ago
corn kernals are cheaper, and biodegradable
zac 5001006 years ago
a I really doubt your only "2"
hairydevil (author)  zac 5001005 years ago
i meant 12
hairydevil (author)  zac 5001006 years ago
reubyjay5 years ago
pls add vid
yoyohead4155 years ago
do you guys just spend time trying to make bombs or explosives join a airsoft team go to tournaments they fun and you can use this stuff in it. use the explosives ase airsoft grenades
matt095 years ago
Why in hell would you use corn?
hairydevil (author)  matt095 years ago
your supposed to use dried pees, but i didn't have any, and i didn't want to waste bbs. so corn!
matt095 years ago
yay! popcorn!
Blue_Flame5 years ago

Right - i think its time to share my expreince of making explosives out of visco. if you slice lengthways with a scapel (shouldn't use scissors ideally), then separate all the bits apart (The BlackPowder (BP), string and Nitrocelluose caoting), you actually can get a lot more bang for your buck, as tehy say. The pure BP geos quite quickly by itself, but the addition of the nitrocelluose allows it to deflagrate. The string does nothing! I found this works best with chinese 3mm visco

hairydevil (author)  Blue_Flame5 years ago
while i have tried that, and it does work very well. but peices of viso fuse can also act as tiny rockets, and in my way of just having lots of little peices and the powder, not only do you have the powder exploding, but the peices act like little rockets, and make more pressure
hot glue + fuse..... hmmmmm sounds like a bad idea...
hairydevil (author)  struckbyanarrow6 years ago
i know, but ive done this like fifty times and never had and incident.
i know i was just joking.... but when i was using hot glue flash powder and pellets (i was making exploding pellets for my pellet gun) the flash powder ignited lol it scared the crap outa me!
for my exploding pellits i just taped a strike any where match to a popper
Jaycub geoffypi5 years ago
when you say "popper" do you mean those little tea-bag things that explode when you throw them on the ground?
hairydevil (author)  struckbyanarrow6 years ago
static electricity can ignite flash powder. not this stuff
Corn kernals are a very' bad idea, they got into my skin =(
airsoft pellets are better
hairydevil (author)  Thundertydus6 years ago
you should use dried pees, but i didn't have any
epic spelling fail
hairydevil (author)  1spartan956 years ago
Can i use cats? Will they fit?
I think you are suppose to throw it at other people...maybe,it might be a new thing
why are you telling me?
didnt mean to hit reply, srry
mash40776 years ago
can you use matches instead of fuse for the charge?
hairydevil (author)  mash40776 years ago
i don't know. i guess you could if you cut the heads off and powdered them up really fine. but fuse would probabley be better. just go to cannon fuse .com and get some. its like five bucks a roll
my mother would kill me so I'll use matches great instrc hey could you post this thing exploding
hairydevil (author)  mash40776 years ago
dude, its fuse. it's not dangerous.
Don't underestimate parents. I would like to get a roll of fuse (so many uses) but sadly they can't ship to Germany. And good 'Ible. I made my own with a firecracker and corn kernals. The only problem is that they aren't that accurate (they shoot randomly out of a side).
mo56 years ago
i made my own fuse
red9er6 years ago
I just made a grenade based on your design. the size of the explosive was 3 times your's is and I put it in a film cannister. It left my ears ringing! Totally Cool!
gameboy7oa6 years ago
I used black powder for the charge and it worked really good. :)
failseeker6 years ago
Chocowubbles, that would be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you must have pretty short arms if your tape is that short!
hairydevil (author)  Metalcaster146 years ago
im only 2 years old
he said ur forearm(he typed for arm), and he might mean measured without the wrist, so no, thats a pretty accurate average forearm estimation
ReM0cEgR0eG6 years ago
You think you can make on with a saftey trigger?
hairydevil (author)  ReM0cEgR0eG6 years ago
maybe, but to ignite this thing you have to pull it pretty hard, so its probably not going to just go off in your pocket
crazyguy136 years ago
is it legal in PA?
hairydevil (author)  crazyguy136 years ago
i have no clue. i know it's illegal in CA where i live, but you probably wouldn't get in that much trouble. the cops would probably just take your explosives away, but probably not haul you in.
I bet it's illegal in all the BIGGER states
esplonky6 years ago
cant you also just poke a hole in a 35mm film canister aand put the pull pin there and load ur explosives in it?
does yourt xeplosive charge work? whenever i make mine they allways seem to burn out like a rocket engine
hairydevil (author)  yellowsushimustard6 years ago
you have to cut the fuse very small, you have to be using chinese visco, and you have to wrap the tape very tightly around the top.
Hunter O.6 years ago
What states is it illegal in?
hairydevil (author)  Hunter O.6 years ago
having and useing the fuse itself isn't actually illegal, but when you make it into these little explosives, it becomes illegal.
wenpherd6 years ago
get us a video.
you can also use sandpaper to strike the matches on instead of having to use a whole match box every time, just check to get the right grit
sdfive6 years ago
(removed by author or community request) JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously cool grenade.
geoffypi6 years ago
why use fuse when u could use an m5000 firecracker (google it) otherwise cool
more like corn soft grenade good instructable
y'know, if you wrap it really tight with string, you'd probably get a bigger boom.
hairydevil (author)  Bright Shadow6 years ago
i tried that, but it was peircing the skin, making people blleeeeddd.
wenpherd6 years ago
where do you get chinese visco fuse?
hairydevil (author)  wenpherd6 years ago
from www.skylighter.com, under ignition supplies
you should try cannonfuse.com their cheap
you can buy one roll of about 65' long for $4.75