Step 9: Fore Barrel

I have fired an M60 (my favorite), and an FG42.
I built it and added a heartbeat sensor, bayonet, and a red dot sight.
hey since you put up an ak-47 would u put up the S.M.G. version of that gun the AK-74<br />
The AK-74 isn't a sub-machinegun, it is just an updated AK-47, you speak crazy.<br />
it is a smg, the mags a different shape, normally the stock is foldable, the barrel is shorter and it fires the 556 round instead of a 7.62mm
A submachine gun fires pistol rounds. Since the 74u fires 556, it's an Assault Rifle. Debunkt'.
5.45x39 Soviet not 5.56x45 NATO ~slaps face~
Oh, thanks for that, I didn't even notice. I'm used to typing 556, not 545.
yeah, I like the 5.56 better anyways
I've never tried the 5.45.
You shoot real guns? Awesome I do to!
I grew up visiting relatives in the country. That's how I got knowledgeable on firearms. You wouldn't believe the arsenal they had. They used to fish with pipe bombs and pick out the screws and nails. Nasty.
I hate the AK-47 anyway
How can u hate the AK???
It's really reliable. I love it.
??? it couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if you were inside of it! the M16 is much better.
Slap a v-grip on it, if you need to. I can control it just fine, they had a silicon(e?) tube around the gas tube so you can grab it up there. Makes it really easy to control. As for the M-16, I hate it. The M4 is better, IMO. The M-16 is really unreliable, the one I fired jammed once every mag, and it was only about 5 years old. Besides that, it was really hard to adjust the sights. Never shot straight. Terrible gun from Colt.
yeah it's easy to control, but that russian surplus ammo was loaded with a hammer...
That's why I use American seven six two.
how about the chamber? The M14 is better
That's why it never jams. It's got a great chamber. I don't like the M14. I fired one on auto, and it shredded the target neatly. But there's something about it I don't like.
no factory rifle has a good chamber, that is because factory ammo has verying dimensions, being several thousands larger or smaller than another brand, when you make a match grade chamber you measure your cases, then get a reamer for those exact dimensions, then you order reloading dies sized to those dimensions. Did you shoot an mg42?
I know. The one I had was perfect for that reason. &gt;.&lt;
mg 42?
No. The only LMG like that that I've tried is a Browning AR.
mine favorite is the m249 para and the xm8 lmg
You've fired both of those?
have you fired the m080 sniper rifle (i sort of forget the name)
No sir, it sounds scary, powerful, and illegal as all hell.
ive shot a Barrett 50. cal m82, it actually doesnt snap at you when you shoot it, the m134 minigun is completely different...
yep yep and idk its an army weapon and its a sniper rifle
Ah, the M107. Yup, scary, powerful, but legal. Don't you LOVE (LOL) America?
yep lol
m249? lucky
oh and the mg36 to (variant of the g36c or g36k ''lmg version'')
m14 is for BAMFs, thats why ive never shot it yet
yeah I use American 7.62 to, the 7.62x74mm (AKA 30-378 Weatherby) that is
the ak-47 does not hold a candle to the Heckler &amp; Koch 416, they submerged it in water, and later in mud, in both cases it functioned 100 percent without failure, and can hit a target at 500 yards, show me an ak 47 that will do that.
watch future weapons do we???
aek-971 is a better modern version of the ak47 made to be able to shoot wif in full auto without going of the target it has the same power as the ak47 but it has a more straight magazine and a longer barrell the stock is more straight but can absorb more energie from the recoil
I'm positive all of that information came from Bad Company 2, because most of it is wrong.
aek-971 is the latest ak version ;D i would wonder if there is a aek-971U
As a matter of fact, no. That statement of mine was based off of personal experience.
That's all fine and well...but when you've got a stovepipe, where's your god then?
I hate it, in short.
Yeah whatever... But you cant hate the M14!
The 416, that is.

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