AL Light Weight, Finger Skate Board


Introduction: AL Light Weight, Finger Skate Board

Aluminum Finger Skate board

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will a need techdeck to drill the holes into the Aluminum, a screwdriver, shock absorber and 8 screws***. Also you need a drill or drillpress with a 1/16 drill bit. A pair of good sizers is needed to cut the shape.
I got an Aluminum drier vent duct connector for $2 at homedepot.
Every thing in the picture is optional, if you want to put trucks on it.

I have tried using soda cans, but it is too thin. You could Epoxy several layers though.

Step 2: Making the Board

Trace the shape of the Tech Deckon to the Aluminum, cut around the shape. Then tape the Aluminum deck to the real Tech Deck and drill through the 8 holes and into the Aluminum deck.
!!!!!!!Bend the sides and ends!!!!!!!!!!!!! screw the shock absorbers and trucks and your all done.
Be warned
do not handle the board too rough because it could bend
the bent edges give it strengh



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    Do one of how to put a design on those

    To answer your question, you buy one because they're dirt cheap, and they're perfectly shaped and weighted, and have all the necessary hardware included (grip, trucks, wheels...)

    I find skating on a "lightweight" board more difficult

    But, nevertheless, this is very creative, and very unique! How do people like them?

    Kind of. Not like a knife, thats thick allunium compared to a soda can.

    i made one out of a coke can i recommend this because with the multiple layers it gets uber strong and the natural curve also adds to the strength ________ |_|Craig|_|

    3 replies

    how old are you.... like 16??!

    brilliant idea 5.1 stars

    This is a good idea - but u said why buy one when u can make one. But u need one both to make and shape the board, and for the wheels!

    2 replies

    if there all the rage at school im sure a friend could let u borow his for the night

    true, true, but im working on home made trucks/wheels i just barrowed the board and traded $1 for trucks and wheels at school.

    Home depot Dryer vent ducts

    did you bend up the side edges?? if you dident it makes it alot stronger and stiffer(like a real skate board)

    I made one it works great! but we modified it a little. But is great! i made one a long board one too.

    1 reply

    yea someone who is satasfied thanks

    wont it be too thin and bill bend if you use it? (I think you should glue 2 together)

    dude, weallknowitcouldlookbetter but that sort of talk belongs on myspace or youtube...