Picture of AL light weight, Finger Skate board
Aluminum Finger Skate board

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
You will a need techdeck to drill the holes into the Aluminum, a screwdriver, shock absorber and 8 screws***. Also you need a drill or drillpress with a 1/16 drill bit. A pair of good sizers is needed to cut the shape.
I got an Aluminum drier vent duct connector for $2 at homedepot.
Every thing in the picture is optional, if you want to put trucks on it.

I have tried using soda cans, but it is too thin. You could Epoxy several layers though.
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constructobot4 months ago
Do one of how to put a design on those
saturnv78905 years ago
To answer your question, you buy one because they're dirt cheap, and they're perfectly shaped and weighted, and have all the necessary hardware included (grip, trucks, wheels...)

I find skating on a "lightweight" board more difficult

But, nevertheless, this is very creative, and very unique! How do people like them?
sharlston5 years ago
are the edges sharp?
maxxxem (author)  sharlston5 years ago
Kind of. Not like a knife, thats thick allunium compared to a soda can.
Apple Rule6 years ago
i made one out of a coke can i recommend this because with the multiple layers it gets uber strong and the natural curve also adds to the strength ________ |_|Craig|_|
try this tech deck!
how old are you.... like 16??!
brilliant idea 5.1 stars
gmjhowe7 years ago
This is a good idea - but u said why buy one when u can make one. But u need one both to make and shape the board, and for the wheels!
if there all the rage at school im sure a friend could let u borow his for the night
maxxxem (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
true, true, but im working on home made trucks/wheels i just barrowed the board and traded $1 for trucks and wheels at school.
techdeckboi6 years ago
where do i get a metal liked that???
maxxxem (author)  techdeckboi6 years ago
Home depot Dryer vent ducts
rooster19986 years ago
here is a pic of mine
Photo 4.jpg
Can you use alluminum foil?
maxxxem (author)  rooster19986 years ago
did you bend up the side edges?? if you dident it makes it alot stronger and stiffer(like a real skate board)
rooster19986 years ago
I made one it works great! but we modified it a little. But is great! i made one a long board one too.
maxxxem (author)  rooster19986 years ago
yea someone who is satasfied thanks
rooster19986 years ago
wont it be too thin and bill bend if you use it? (I think you should glue 2 together)
codybjork6 years ago
you know what im gonna be nice and i really do think its very good idea i might make one. and joshWaaR is the dipshit not you.good job :]
Joely7 years ago
if you have a tech deck to make this then why not use the tech deck?? much easier.
maxxxem (author)  Joely7 years ago
cuz a Aluminum is cooler and cost less to make
1 Techdeck 3$ =1
1 piece of alunminum 3$ =6to7
but (here it comes...) if you already have the techdeck why would you spend the extra money on aluminum?
maxxxem (author)  knex_owns_you6 years ago
here, my dad went and bought a few of them for me to use as a wind shield on my camping stove, but i only needed one.
oooh ok
bunduk7 years ago
I made my own tech deck from plastic at school, because it the end of term the teacher lets us make anything. So I made a deck out of acrylic, by cutting the shape out on a band saw and fileing the edges off. Then I heated up the edges and made it the shape of a real tech deck I then got a drill and made the holes that you can put real trucks on from a tech deck on. I put a pair of green retro trucks on. As a last touch I used a laser cutter to make a desighn on the bottom it looks really cool. bunduk
no sorry
nerfer1927 years ago
wheredja get the trucks?
Wasagi7 years ago
Good instructable, although you would need to havw a tech deck in the first place to do this... Good!
maxxxem (author)  Wasagi7 years ago
not realy, thats just for a perfect shape
yeah but you need the little trucks.... so u need a tech deck to make it
maxxxem (author)  Jesus Christ7 years ago
putting on trucks is optional
You can buy those seperately.
well thats not really making it from scratch... i feel like it would be more convenient to just buy the whole thing
jayro7077 years ago
maxxxem (author)  jayro7077 years ago
no, but if you use to thin aluminum it could.
that looks awsum!! way better than the crappy tech deck designs!!! havnt played with one of them for years but im definately gonna make this! i mite try it with a few layers of aluminium from cans
duck-lemon7 years ago
just make 1 witout wheels i did it last year at tech and it was fun.
maxxxem (author)  duck-lemon7 years ago
i have 7 without wheels (see step 2) snowboards
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