Introduction: ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT AIRSOFT!!!(Updated!)


This is my guide to airsoft based on personal experiance. I hope it helps you with your battles!


Picture of STUFF YOU NEED!!!

Berfore you hit the battle field you need some gear.

1. gun (duh!)
2. secondairy gun
3. exta mag or speed loader
4. holster for secondairy gun (optional)
5. bbs to fill you mags or speed loader with
6. back pack or vest to put all this stuff in
7. grenades and other stuff like that (optional)



Now that you know what you need to get, what kind should you get? Well that depends on you playing style.

SNIPER: you want a sniper rifle as your primary gun and mabey a small sub machine gun as you secondairy gun incase someone sneaks up on you.

LEADER: You want an assault rifle as your primary gun and pistol as you secondairy gun and you might want some grenades.

SUPPORT GUNNER: big assult rifle that has a high rate of fire.

RUN AND GUN:  uzi or something  that is small and has a good rate of fire, you might want some grenades too.

SCOUT/BUNKER BUSTER:  powerful multi shot shotgun and maby some grenades.

where you play matters to.

FOREST: m4 or other assult rifles. It should have good range and accurasy and be around 350 to 400 fps.

CQB: small assult rife that does corners well or a sub machine gun. Range isn't really imortant but around 70 to 100 feet should be good. From 250 to 350 fps its up to you (you don't want it to be to powerful because there is alot of richoches in cqb). You want the gun to be to be compact.  (above 350 might be pushing it for in tight hallways and things like that but its up to you.)

MIX (course you built yourself out of random objects) : Really what ever you want but it sould be not to heavy, range should be about 100 to 150 feet and 350 to 400 fps depending on how big it is.

Those are some segestions but really its up to you what gun you get. For forest  i have an AK-47 as a primary gun, a small shot gun and a wei dragon serise GBB (sorry i can't spell serise). For cqb i have an uzi and a p288 (an excellant pistol for the price i got it for).

Step 3: Don't Get Shot!!!

Picture of Don't Get Shot!!!

Ok, if you don't want to get shot you are going to need some cover. If you are playing in an earena there is cover there but if you are just in a forest with your frieands you need to build some, there are some great instructables on that, but you need to know how to use your cover.

First thing you need to know is don't always pop up in the same place on you cover or you will get shot. Instead pop up in different places and be unpredictable.

So somebody is shooting at you! Get down behind your cover and try to figure out where the person shooting at you is, after the shooting stops, pop up and shoot back, if you don't hit them go back down and wait for them to return fire and repeat.

Another thing you can do is go down then lean out the side of your cover and shoot the person before they notice you because they will probably still be looking at where you poped up last.

Step 4: OMG GRENADE!!!

Picture of OMG GRENADE!!!

So you are in the middle of a battle and you see a grenade flying right at you! You have a few option.

OPTION 1: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get as far away from the grenade as you can ASAP!

OPTION 2: put something over the grenade, like a helmet.

This will block the spray of bbs. this might be against the rules you are playing by so make sure it isn't before you do it.
If it is against the rules what you can do is dive on the grenade but i dont recomend doing it .

OPTION 3: throw!

Pick up the grenade and throw it back. This is risky the grenade has to have a long time delay and it hurts to have one blow up un your hand, trust me.

Step 5: Accsesories

Picture of Accsesories

This step is optional but really fun. Im sure you have seen all the fancy grenades and grenade launchers out there. If you want to get one you don't want it to be to complicated. The tornado grenade for example is a good grenade but is complicted to load. There are two types of grenades: the cheap one time ones and the expensive reusable ones for the one time ones it dosn't really matter as long as it works. for the reusable ones you should maby look at james boom grenades. For grenade launchers madbull is pretty good.

if you are like me and really want a grenade but dont want to spend $100 there are some pretty good instructables for them on this site. But be careful some of them are dangerous.

Some other accsesories are red dot sights, lasers, flash lights, grips and more. Some of those things are excellant and then there are some that are way over priced so make sure that the one you are buying is worth it.

Step 6: Tactic

Picture of Tactic

For your tactics i suggest splitting up into groups of two and surronding the enemy then move in for the kill but be creative and come up with brand new, never seen before tactics.

Step 7: The End

Picture of The End

I hope this helps you. HAPPY BATTLES!


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